Daiya, the brand that cracked the code on dairy-free cheese, has announced that product reformulations stemming from its multi-million-dollar investment in fermentation technology are now hitting shelves across the country. Featuring the new Daiya Oat Cream blend, the proprietary cultured ingredient is now the key component across Daiya’s dairy-free shreds, slices, blocks and sticks – promising consumers an incredible dairy-like melt and deliciously balanced cheesy flavor.

By utilizing these proprietary vegan cultures, Daiya is utilizing age-old fermentation methods to create a dairy-free cheese made from plants with characteristics that mimic traditional dairy products. While many brands in the category continue to incorporate oil-based ingredients and GMO techniques, such as precision fermentation, Daiya is perfecting the art of plant-based cheesemaking, the natural way.

This latest innovation from Daiya directly addresses the challenges faced across the plant-based cheese category, primarily consumer demand for dairy parity and an inconsistency across taste and texture of products currently on shelf. The reformulated cheeses, utilizing Daiya Oat Cream blend, represents a game-changing solution for retailers and consumers looking to enjoy their daily dose of cheese, minus the dairy.

"We are so excited to finally introduce our next-generation cheese – the main ingredient of which utilizes our natural fermentation technology. Our new and improved dairy-free cheeses are now made with Daiya Oat Cream blend for a cheesy, 'melts-like-dairy' experience that comforts in only the way cheese should," said Melanie Domer, chief commercial officer at Daiya, “We expect this advancement to not only rejuvenate consumer confidence in the category, but revitalize the category’s market potential, finally offering retailers a product that truly bridges the gap between consumer expectations and dairy-free offerings.”

The reformulated products will also unveil Daiya’s new visual identity, including a logo revamp, a new tagline, and a packaging overhaul. The new look is set to speak to the growing market of “flexible” plant-based eaters while still paying homage to the original branding that Daiya customers have known and loved since 2008. With its new campaign, “100% Plant-based. Even if you’re not,” Daiya welcomes all cheese-loving consumers to try its products regardless of their dietary preferences, leaving the “all or nothing” approach to plant-based, dairy-free diets behind.

Consumers can expect to see the new products on shelves now, with new packaging and the same price point across major retailers in the U.S. and Canada.


About Daiya
Daiya Foods has been a pioneer of plant-based, delicious, dairy-free products since 2008. The company’s growing line of premium, plant-based foods began with cheese formats including blocks, shreds, slices, sticks, cream cheese style spreads and cheese sauces. Daiya has since expanded with great success into cheese-forward foods like pizza, Mac & Cheese, and frozen cheesecake. Daiya products are available in the dairy and freezer aisles, and products like Mac & Cheese and salad dressings are in the shelf-stable section of most major grocery stores. Delicious plant-based foods from Daiya are broadly available in more than 25,000 grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada, as well as through e-commerce partnerships. Daiya’s products can be found internationally in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.