With new regulations like the Food Waste Challengeand the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the First Lady, foodservice directors in U.S. K-12 schools Eloma Genius MThave more to consider when preparing meals for today’s students.

That’s why Eloma, Winston-Salem, N.C., developed the Genius MT combi-steamer and bake-off oven.

The Genius MT provides school foodservice directors and cafeteria managers with the touch-screen tool needed for efficient, healthy and sustainable food prep. Designed to preserve more of the natural taste of foods and reduce the need for salt and artificial seasoning in meals, it also helps foodservice directors waste less food because the Genius MT prepares just the right amount at the correct cooking settings.

The Genius MT is also said to cook meals 30-50% faster than conventional cooking equipment and boasts a fully automatic cleaning system that allows foodservice directors to focus on nutrition instead of cleaning. Plus, the “Last 20” feature allows users to quickly access a list of the last 20 cooking programs used for more seamless cooking.

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