Following recent upgrades at the Linde Food Technology Center in Cleveland, Ohio, engineers from Linde LLC, Murray Hill, N.J., can now perform higher-volume and longer test runs to validate performance of new cryogenic processes for crusting, cooling or fully freezing foods.

Foods that may require special testing include sauces, pastas, baked and prepared items, marinated meat and poultry products, coated or glazed foods, deli meats and other foods that require slicing, as well as ready meals and trayed products with multiple ingredients that freeze at different rates.

Foods can be trialed at the technology center on state-of-the-art Linde freezers such as:

·         The patented CRYOLINE CW (CRYOWAVE) IQF freezer, which keeps items separate on the conveyor belt as they are individually quick frozen.

·         The proprietary Linde impingement freezer, which uses an initial blast of liquid nitrogen to crust foods before a controlled freeze in a tunnel.

·         The new CRYOLINE PE freezer, which uses liquid nitrogen for rapidly crusting or freezing sauce pellets.

The Linde Technology Center can also run mini-batch freezer trials and demonstrations for spiral freezers and nitrogen immersion freezers.

The Technology Center in Cleveland is one of two Linde such centers that it operates in North America.