From Big data analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence to machine learning, digitization and the cloud-based solutions, PACK EXPO International showcased innovation in action at this year’s tradeshow, Oct. 14-17 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Produced by PMMI, The Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies, Reston, Va., PACK EXPO International co-located with the Healthcare Packaging EXPO to host 2,500 suppliers and 50,000 attendees from more than 125 countries in over 1.2 million net square feet of exhibit space.

Here’s a rundown of equipment, materials, technologies and solutions introduced and/or on display at the show.


Dynamic Conveyor DynaClean DynaCon Conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor, Muskegon, Mich., presented a variety of DynaClean and DynaCon conveyor systems.

An assortment of DynaClean Sanitary Conveyors on display showcased how a variety of food products can be effectively and efficiently conveyed. DynaClean conveyors offer a patented design that is simple, quick and easy to disassemble and clean. There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose and no nooks and crannies to clean. DynaClean conveyors feature an open design with no place for food or bacteria to hide.

Also on display was DynaCon Reconfigurable Conveyor, which offers packagers the ability to build their own conveyors using modules (like Lego building blocks) to configure and later reconfigure their conveyor layouts. Modules are built using plastic injection molded parts, which bring strength and durability to the conveyor system, while remaining lightweight enough to be easily reconfigured.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.


Rite-Hite FasTrax Clean Room Doors

Rite-Hite Doors, Milwaukee, Wis., introduced FasTrax doors.

The roll-up design of FasTrax doors allows them to operate at speeds of 100 inches per second, minimizing air intrusion while maximizing productivity. These high operating speeds also decrease the likelihood of forklift collisions. However, if bumped or impacted, a FasTrax door can easily reconfigure itself to get back onto the door track. It is also said to be the safest door in the industry, with features such as Soft-Edge Technology and thru-beam photo eyes.

FasTrax doors feature a 1-piece radial header, which is machined from a solid block of UHMW plastic. It meets both USDA and FDA standards for cleanup. The door’s fabric is a smooth polypropylene, which provides higher resistance to acids and bases and a lower water absorption rate than vinyls and urethanes.

The FasTrax door design also uses non-corrosive Lexan and UHMW side frames, which meet government guidelines for washdown and bacteria control. Side frames stand off from the wall to minimize surface-to-surface contact, reducing pockets where bacteria can grow. Additionally, it has a washdown-rated drive system and controls.

FasTrax can be used in a variety of applications, including washdown, high wind and cooler or freezer high-cycle application.



Toray Plastics (America), Inc., North Kingstown, R.I., featured advancements in its Torayfan clear barrier BOPP, Torayfan white BOPP and Lumirror high barrier PET packaging technologies.

These portfolios are manufactured with Toray’s proprietary technology and include thin and ultra-thin offerings, transparent high-barrier, metallized to replace foil, a white pigmented appearance, bio-based materials, integrated sealant technology with improved hermeticity and seal strength, easy-open packaging and lidding, “premium feel” outer webs and solutions for digital printing and e-commerce applications.

Among the products highlighted at the show for refrigerated and frozen food applications are:

  • Toray’s new Lumirror high-barrier PET films designed to provide extended shelf life. New MK6HB metallized film offers outstanding oxygen and moisture-barrier protection, and PA1HB is a clear-barrier film that delivers outstanding oxygen barrier. Both offer superior aroma protection.
  • New Over the Mountain (OTM) high-barrier BOPP films. These OTM films are designed with integrated sealant technology, improved hermeticity (air tightness) and the seal-strength to withstand air pressure changes that occur when products are transported in changing altitudes, which can cause a package to burst. They’re also robust enough to eliminate the need for a separate sealant film and allow a switch from a complex 3-ply lamination to a 2-ply structure. OTM films are ideally suited for regional manufacturers who want national distribution or e-commerce applications.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc.


Mettler Toledo V6300 checkweigher

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection, Lutz, Fla., grouped systems by types of product inspection rather than by types of equipment.

For instance, the equipment groupings, including metal detectors, checkweighers, machine vision and x-ray inspection systems, serialization and track-and-trace systems, demonstrated free-flowing and bulk products, packaged products, rigid containers, pumped food products and unwrapped and unpackaged products.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection


Agr International ProcessPro monitor

Agr International, Inc., Butler, Pa., featured its latest developments for managing the production and quality of plastic and glass containers.

Agr’s Process Pilot blowmolder management system is designed to simplify the production of PET bottles in three easy steps—1. measure; 2. control; and 3. optimize. 

The Process Pilot offers precise material distribution management and hands-off control of blowmolder parameters. The latest version of this system offers expanded measurement capability with the means to accurately measure material thickness as thin as 0.001 in (0.025 mm). This capability makes it possible for bottle manufacturers to produce bottles with less material and thinner sidewalls while still maintaining desired quality and performance characteristics.

For glass container producers, Agr featured its latest developments in precise dimensional, thickness and coating measurement. The equipment can be used in the lab or on the plant floor to help manufacturers ensure high-quality container production.

Agr International Inc.


Bosch Kliklok Midrange Endload Cartoner

Bosch Packaging Technology, New Richmond, Va., launched the new Kliklok Midrange Endload Cartoner (MEC), which features a future-proof sanitary design, tool-less changeover and easy operator access. The Kliklok MEC packs up to 170 cartons per minute, and is designed to handle a wide range of carton sizes, for products as small as ¾-inch thick single-serve pizza to a 4-inch-tall cake. The Kliklok MEC boasts an open-channel, stainless-steel frame and angled surfaces, thus eliminating a place for product or debris to accumulate. Moreover, the machine is IP65-washdown rated, the electrical cabinets are mounted overhead for safety and assist unobstructed operator access and the design features full-length doors to allow walk-in access for maintenance and changeovers. The Kliklok MEC features the patented rotary carton feeder, which erects cartons in the direction of product flow with what is said to be a 30% greater carton-open time. This allows the use of carton board with a higher recycling content. The straight-pick motion reduces wear on suction cups and short, rigid bars minimize deflection. Kliklok endload cartoners are used in the frozen foods, refrigerated/prepared foods, bakery, snack and confectionery industries. They erect, load and close standard sleeve cartons, open-end 5-crease sleeves, octagonal gusseted and open-corner cartons, gable-top and flip-top cartons and other special shapes. 

Bosch also launched the Pack 102. Based on the Stratus/Pack 101 flow wrapper, the new version stands out with full stainless-steel design for easier cleaning, increased productivity and what is said to be the widest product size range available on the market, suitable for nearly any food and non-food application. The Pack 102 is an entry-level horizontal flow wrapper designed to pack up to 150 products per minute. Thanks to its easy-to-use software and simple mechanism, it is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses looking to automate their production, needing to run small batches for seasonal promotions or new market launches. Additionally, the Pack 102 can flexibly wrap products of various sizes, ranging from small and flat to very large and tall products, either individually or grouped on cards or trays.

Bosch also debuted its new virtual reality planning tool—Virtual Layout—which converts a 2-dimensional sketch into a 3-dimensional image of a planned packaging system within a very short space of time. With the help of virtual reality (VR) controllers, users can move through the system virtually and view all the machines in their original size. This immersive 360-degree experience gives a realistic impression of the system when standing in the production hall. The educational modules cover a range of subjects, such as the removal of machine parts, with highly detailed functions, e.g. being able to zoom in or out, or move around the machine.

Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.


Mondi BarrierPack Recycable Neutral

Mondi, Jackson, Mo., presented numerous innovations designed to fulfil packaging trends.

For example, Mondi’s new packaging laminate – BarrierPack Recyclable –helps reduce plastic packaging waste through recycling. This plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and form-fill-seal (FFS) roll-stock is fully recyclable without any compromise of quality or functionality.

Also new is the perFORMing brand, a natural brown formable paper for shallow tray applications such as cheese, meat or salmon. perFORMing combines two Mondi materials—Advantage Formable paper and a new barrier coating produced in-house—in a patented thermoformable packaging solution that offers excellent packaging properties and optimal formability. Compared to other trays, it is said to use up to 70% less plastic and its paper grade is naturally brown instead of dyed brown.

Mondi’s improved SPLASHBAG is a water-repellent pasted valve bag ideal for dry, powdery materials. Originally launched in 2015 and improved through R&D, this bag is even more water repellent than before. It resists direct rain for up to 6 hours, and can be stored in damp environments for up to5 days without moisture spoilage.

Mondi also introduced ultra-HD printing to the U.S. market. Ultra-HD printing incorporates an advanced separation technology that dramatically improves the vividness of flexographic printing to produce photographic quality that matches or even exceeds that of rotogravure. Print resolutions are equivalent to 300-plus lines per inch. The Ultra-HD print option is available for Mondi’s FlexziBox line of reclosable bags.

Mondi also featured Peel Pak and HYBRIDPRO bag. Peel Pak is a unique bag for packaging dry dairy and related food products suitable for a clean room environment. It’s a “bag in a bag”—the inner polyethylene bag is heat sealed and can be completely separated from the outer paper plies or glued to meet customer requirements. The HYBRIDPRO bag is a water-repellent paper bag that is still fillable on conventional paper bag filling systems.

MailerBAG is a reusable and recyclable paper bag for e-commerce shipments. Its flap boasts a double adhesive strip with release liner, making it easy for consumers to re-use the same packaging to return any unwanted items. Mondi’s corrugated Re(use) box follows a similar concept, as it’s equipped with a double-tape and a tear-open strip to simplify shipping, opening and returning a parcel without any difficulties or tools like tape and scissors.

Mondi also presented its latest containerboard portfolio member ProVantage Powerflute. Designed for the safe packaging and transport of fruits and vegetables, ProVantage Powerflute resists moisture and humidity and ensures more reliable packaging performance, particularly for long-distance transport of valuable goods.

Mondi also exhibited its recently launched specialty Kraft paper grade, Advantage Formable brown. Thanks to its unique paper properties that allow a symmetrical material stretch, the grade is ideal for numerous applications in food packaging such as shallow trays.

Mondi North America


FOX IV Technologies 5610 label printer applicator

FOX IV Technologies, Export, Pa., introduced the new 5610 label printer applicator, which offers the ability to print and apply a label format sent directly to it in a PDF format without the use of middleware. 

Thanks to the 5610’s on-printer PDF app, label designs can be sent directly to the 5610 in PDF format from ERP systems, such as Oracle and SAP, as well as graphics programs, eliminating the middleware and any translation errors that could occur.

Plus, these documents can be archived for later retrieval and reprinting, and PDFs can be created at the intended print size, eliminating the need to scale documents, which can induce barcode scanning issues.

Other features include a large, icon-based, 7-inch full color HMI, two USB host ports, 16-inch OD label roll capacity for high-volume applications, repositionable control box and optional RFID encoding.

FOX IV Technologies


Triangle Package Changeover Wizard

Triangle Package Machinery, Chicago, developed the new Changeover Wizard, available on the Flex I Cartoner – Gen 3.

The Changeover Wizard provides automatic, repeatable changeovers with the push of a button. Benefits include ease of use, improved efficiencies, reduced product waste and less time required for downtime and training. The Changeover Wizard is an ideal solution for contract packagers and other companies running multiple carton sizes. 

The Changeover Wizard evaluates all machine adjustment settings stored within the carton recipe. If operator intervention is required to shift or change a part, the wizard alerts the operator with photos identifying the part, as well as text instructions. Operators need only push a button to launch a stored recipe for single package cartons. When switching from a single package carton to a dual-package carton, the Changeover Wizard shows the operator which parts they’ll need and how to quickly adjust to the new carton size.

The Changeover Wizard allows operators to change carton sizes in only five minutes vs. 20 minutes on previous versions of Triangle’s Flex 1 Cartoner. It also delivers extended production runs with an optional extended carton magazine that holds up to 1,000 carton blanks.

Also on display were:

  • Model XYRJ vertical form-fill-seal bagger, which features easily rotatable sealing jaw to run a variety of package styles, including 3-sided seal, gusseted, pillow bags and stand-up pouches with zipper.
  • Model XYS08/7U with Ultrasonic cross seal and back seal for applications requiring 100% seal integrity, such as leafy produce, liquids, cheese and more.
  • Flex 1 Cartoner – Gen 3 with new automatic Changeover Wizard offers automatic changeover in only five minutes.
  • Model A918 combination weigher includes in-line and belt-fed models, and can be designed for a wide range of food packaging applications.

Triangle Package Machinery Co.


AMK Automation Portfolio

AMK Automation Corp., Carpentersville, Ill., exhibited smart, versatile, efficient motion control technology to help solve many of the packaging industry’s most persistent challenges.

AMK Automation showcased new additions to the AMK portfolio, including:

MAKe automation packages are designed to add new flexibility and ease of integration to the company’s AMKASMART family of servo modules. These two new software packages simplify two key configuration challenges—adding an automatic adjustment/recovery system to an existing machine motion control network and adding a package that automates and streamlines servo motor and drive configuration for conveyors and conveyor cells.

Hybrid automation solutions provide flexibility with centralized solutions for when power is needed. This hybrid approach seamlessly integrates servo modules like AMK’s cabinet-based AMKASYN KE series power supply with decentralized components such as the AMKASMART ihXT drive-integrated servo motor module. Plus, they’re engineered from the ground up to be fully cross-compatible.

The AMKASMART decentralized drive technology provides true modularity for machine construction with limitless machine power and the ability to eliminate control cabinets. The AMKASMART product family includes a variety of servo controllers, such as the compact iX servo controller; the iC servo converter, consisting of a servo controller with integrated power supply module; and the iDT "all-inclusive model," in which the servo controller is installed directly on the motor.

The new electronic cylinder SEZ is a linear drive motor system in which the rotor is pressed directly onto the screw. Featuring high and constant force, high precision and high energy efficiency, the closed-loop positioning and force control of the SEZ make it an ideal alternative to other linear technologies, such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, rack and belt drives and linear motors. With several options available for screw and strength length, motor type and acceleration, the SEZ is installation-ready and provides high rigidity without additional wearing parts.

AMK Automation Corp.


Spee-Dee Evolution Checkweigher

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Sturtevant, Wis., manufactured the Evolution Checkweigher, a PLC-based checkweigher that features non-proprietary controls.

The Evolution Checkweigher provides access to data, which can then be downloaded via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, USB and other methods. The Evolution offers end-users the ability to calibrate in the field, without the need of a Spee-Dee technician.

Packages are weighed with an Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology that is dubbed to be 10 times more accurate than traditional strain gauge load cells. The Evolution can handle primary packages, such as bags, pouches, canisters, jugs and jars.

The Evolution can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated with Spee-Dee auger, cup and rotary fillers, or with existing production equipment. With a unique 3-leg design and without an electrical cabinet, the Evolution’s small footprint easily fits into a production line and is simple to set up and balance.

In addition, a tool-less, open design enables easy cleaning. The Evolution comes with a standard 7-inch, full-color HMI display, and either an anodized aluminum or stainless-steel base.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc.


Beckhoff Pack Expo servo systems

Beckhoff Automation, Savage, Minn., demonstrated its new AMP8000 distributed servo drive system alongside a complete lineup of automation hardware, software and networking solutions.

The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system promotes advanced motion control architectures that are easily adjustable through dramatic reductions in electronics, mechanical hardware and cabling. By combining a servo drive and servomotor into one device, the AMP8000 system reduces overall packaging machine footprint and space requirements inside control cabinets and enclosures. A single coupling module operates up to five drives using the EtherCAT P One Cable Automation solution, which supplies industrial-grade power and EtherCAT industrial Ethernet communication.

To supply entire smart factories, Beckhoff displayed a number of IoT-ready automation and control solutions. Expanding into the realm of time-sensitive networking (TSN), Beckhoff introduced the EK1000 EtherCAT TSN Coupler, which expands the Beckhoff EtherCAT I/O system’s industrial networking interoperability to include TSN. This makes migration to new vertical and horizontal communication systems easier and permits easy IoT and cloud retrofits for industrial systems already in the field.

Representing the newest generation of Beckhoff Industrial PCs (IPCs), the C6015, C6017 and C6030 IPCs are Microsoft Azure-certified and work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP HANA and other cloud services. The C6015 incorporates an Intel Atom processor (up to four cores), and the newer C6030 uses Intel Core i-series processors of the 6th and 7th Generation. The latest entry into the range, the C6017, offers the same Intel Atom processors found in the C6015, but adds two more RJ45 interfaces and two additional USB 2.0 ports. The three IPCs are ideally suited for all IoT, machine control, cloud connectivity and edge device requirements in manufacturing.

Beckhoff Automation LLC


INFICON Contura S400 leak detector

INFICON, East Syracuse, N.Y., introduced the Contura S400 leak detector for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and flexible packages.

Already commercialized in Europe, the Contura S400 offers a faster, easier, quantifiable alternative to water baths and gas-based testing. The Contura S400 relies on a proprietary differential pressure method to identify leaks – both large and small, and detects both gross and fine leaks quickly and reliably, avoiding the need for two separate machines.

In addition, the system does not use test gas, and is ideal for a variety of dry food applications, including meat, poultry, baked goods, cheese, prepared food, produce and more.



Selig Lift 'n' Peel

Selig, Forest, Ill., unveiled Uni-Foam US, a co-extruded, hygienic foam reseal liner ideal for liquid, cream and gel applications that require greater cleanliness. Available in a variety of thicknesses, Uni-Foam US is an aesthetically pleasing white opaque color.

Selig also exhibited DELTASEAL 9000, a 2-piece waxless induction seal product that provides a hermetic seal to glass and is EU compliant for oil and fat food contact.

Also on display was Lift ‘n’ Peel TamperSeal, an easy-open induction liner that offers a hermetic, tamper-evident seal, and can be printed to provide branding, messaging or counterfeiting protection.

Selig Group


Heat and Control ACP-700

Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., demonstrated its next generation of seasoning, conveying, weighing, packaging and inspection systems.

Inspira, the next generation VFFS bagmaker, and ACP-700, an automatic case packer, are new to Ishida’s packaging room lineup. These machines are completely integrated, providing effective automation and communications between the weigher, bagmaker and case packer.

New Horizon, Heat and Control’s new navigation interface, features a clear touchscreen display and intuitive interface, placing all relevant information in one location. Meanwhile, smart alarms give early warnings before matters become critical.

The FastBack Revolution OMS System combines the seasoning performance of the patented dynamic AccuFlavor Tumble Drum, the efficiency of the Modular Dust Collection System and the advanced FastBack 260E-G3 into one compact, stand-alone unit designed to overcome seasoning challenges at the weigher.

The Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer eliminates the inherent flaws of standard mix and use tank systems. The recipe-driven, tankless, continuous mixer automatically and accurately mixes seasonings and liquids into homogeneous, lump-free slurries in the desired quantity, thus reducing wasted ingredients, operator start-up and cleaning time.

The CEIA MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector is said to offer the industry's highest metal detection sensitivity. THS21 metal detectors continuously self-calibrate, maintaining peak detection stability and sensitivity to all metal contaminants. Auto-learn set-up is simple and eliminates errors, and Bluetooth connectivity facilitates programming and trouble-shooting using a laptop computer.

Ishida X-ray systems can detect small non-metallic contaminants (e.g., bone, glass, shell, plastic) and verifies weight and missing or defective product. Product on the conveyor is irradiated with x-rays that are then received by the line sensor. Ishida's unique multi-level image processing software detects foreign objects or missing products by processing the received x-ray image. Manufacturers can further enhance detection sensitivity by utilizing Ishida’s patented Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing technology.

IX-GN series' sealed stainless-steel waterproof construction, including the inspection chamber, blocks all infiltrates, with an air conditioner (optional on IX-EN), to help dissipate heat. Also, the protective curtain and conveyor are removable without tools, and the user-friendly 17-inch touchscreen control (15-inch on IX-EN) comes standard with a USB port.

Ishida DACS checkweighers provide accurate verification of package weight, product count or detection of missing components. Available in stainless-steel for non-washdown and washdown (IP69) applications, the quick-release infeed and weigh conveyors in the open frame design make cleaning fast and simple. For easy set-up and operation, a large intuitive touchscreen control panel pre-sets for quick changeovers. The checkweigher can be combined with CEIA metal detectors for reduced floor space and common reject station to separate improper weights from metal contaminants.

Heat and Control Inc.



NORD Gear Corp., Waunakee, Wis., showcased its integrated, energy efficient drive solutions for manufacturing and material handling applications.

The LogiDrive solution, for instance, delivers drive technology for high-volume manufacturing, warehousing and packaging systems. The LogiDrive solution includes high-efficiency gearboxes, IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motors and decentralized variable frequency drives. Variable frequency drive and IE4 motor support large speed ranges through single gearbox and motor combination, and the decentralized drive with plug-and-play technology makes it easy to install and maintain.

NORD’s NSD TUPH is a molecular conversion of aluminum alloy, providing an alternative to stainless steel. The aluminum alloy surface conversion solution is ideal for harsh environments involving chemicals or washdowns and where sanitation and cleanliness are the highest priority.

The redesigned 2-stage SK 02040.1 gear unit is ideal for conveyors in food and beverage, bottling, manufacturing, warehousing and packaging applications. Made from high-strength aluminum alloy, the 1-piece die-cast aluminum UNICASE housing provides maximum strength and rigidity with low weight.

The GRIPMAXX bushing system offers keyless interchangeable bushings for mounting NORD hollow shaft reducers onto a wide range of driven solid machine shaft sizes. The system was developed using the latest in Finite Element Modelling technology to best optimize material selection, mechanical design and performance. It also eliminates the typical assembly and disassembly challenges of using interference fits by providing generous assembly and disassembly clearances, ensuring easy installation and removal of the gearbox.

NORD’s new SK 920072.1 2-stage helical bevel gear motor is an ideal drive solution for a wide range of light duty conveying, processing and manufacturing applications. Identified by its high-strength and lightweight design, this aluminum gear comes in two housing styles for multiple applications and environmental conditions, and is ideal for washdown applications.

NORD Gear Corp.


Dorner AquaGard 7350 Series

Dorner, Hartland, Wis., showcased its next generation AquaGard 7350 (V2) Series, what is said to be the most advanced stainless conveyor for dry, wipe-down and wet environment applications.

AquaGard and AquaPruf sanitary platforms are engineered with strong hygienic designs to minimize product debris from entering the food zones and allow for fast and effective sanitation.

Other conveyors on display were the SmartFlex Helix Conveyor, ideal for product handling applications where product needs to travel up or down in a confined space. The conveyor’s compact design allows for 5 feet of elevation change in 10 feet, giving users more freedom and flexibility in designing a material handling system with multiple layouts using a single conveyor. The SmartFlex Helix comes in three belt widths—85 mm, 180 mm and 260 mm—and doesn’t require any lubrication.

The SmartFlex Wedge Elevator is a system where products are wedged securely between opposing conveyors and moves them vertically or horizontally between production floors or different elevations. Wedge elevators are ideal for environments requiring compact footprints, transitions between travel orientations and creating passageways on the production floor.

For those applications where production orientation is critical, the 3200 Series conveyor with Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Technology is engineered for moving boxes and packages in merging, diverting and aligning applications. ARB Technology uses low and high friction angled rollers within the belt to help smoothly guide and align items of all sizes. This conveyor technology minimizes floor space, increases system reliability, eliminates system controls, provides a safer work environment and can handle products as small as 6x6 inches.

The AquaPruf VBT (vertical belt technology) conveyor is designed to move bulk products in straight-up 90-degree sanitary applications. The VBT features a proprietary staggered sidewall belt designed to increase pocket capacity and improve product release compared to a traditional sidewall belt.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.


Anritsu Infivis DualX

Anritsu Infivis, Elk Grove Village, Ill., introduced its new XR75 DualX (dual energy) x-ray system, equipped with a newly developed dual energy sensor that detects contaminants as small as 0.4mm. XR75 DualX detects contaminants such as bones in poultry, pork or beef and within products with overlapping pieces, e.g., fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products. The XR75 DualX x-ray system analyzes two x-ray signals – both high and low energy – for a higher detection rate of low-density items, as well as foreign materials not previously detectable by standard x-ray systems. DualX analyzes material differences between organic and inorganic items to effectively detect soft contaminants such as stone, glass, rubber, metal and even poultry bones. The XR75 DualX features Anritsu’s Advanced Long Life (A.L.L.) technology, HD imaging, tool-free belt and roller removal and an auto-learn product setup wizard.

Anritsu also showcased its QUICCA (quality improvement by control, collection and analysis) software, which aids with visualization, production analysis, information sharing, record archiving and troubleshooting for improved quality and productivity. QUICCA also displays operating ratio, performance and quality indicators, as well as the overall equipment effectiveness.

Anritsu Infivis