Multivac X-Line Thermoform Packaging Machine

MULTIVAC, Kansas City, Mo., displayed its X-Line Thermoform Packaging Machine, which features seamless digitalization, a comprehensive sensor system and networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud and Smart Services to redefine thermoform packaging. The X-Line includes the ability to change package configurations in less than 10 minutes and connects to the MULTIVAC Cloud, giving users access to Pack Pilot and Smart Services. Doing so provides a constant connection and up-to-date information on software, film availability, machine settings and other pertinent data so the machine can be used even without special operator knowledge. The X-Line comes with X-MAP, a gas flushing process that can be precisely controlled for packing with modified atmosphere. Finally, users can operate the X-Line through its intuitive HMI 3 multi-touch interface that corresponds to the operating logic of today’s mobile devices. The HMI 3 can be set up for individual operators, including different access rights and operating languages.

The T 600 Traysealer is MULTIVAC’s smallest traysealer, making it ideal for line integration when space is tight. With an output of 15 cycles per minute, the T 600 is ideal for small to medium-sized food producers and packers who require a compact machine.   

The 310 Full-Wrap Labeler is a fully-automatic unit that runs self-adhesive label backing strip width of up to 500 mm. Known for very high speed and precision application, the 310 Full-Wrap Labeller can be integrated into the machine control of a packaging machine, and the label dispenser can be adjusted in height from the front of the unit.

The R 145 Thermoformer is a flexible thermoform packaging machine in the medium output range that can be freely configured. It makes customized pack design possible and offers a large number of equipment options, enabling a packaging solution to be designed perfectly to specific requirements.

Working in conjunction with the R 145 is the H 054 Robot, a fully integrated hygienic robot that’s built directly into the frame of the R 145, greatly reducing the footprint by up to 5 feet for loading, unloading and converging of packages. Also, the H 054 robot needs only a quick change of the pick assembly or an end of arm tool change.



PMI KYOTO Robotic TriSeal Cartoner

PMI KYOTO Packaging Systems, Elk Grove Village, Ill., exhibited its new Tri-Seal Top-Load Cartoner, which integrates a pick-and-place delta robot to achieve more consistent, high-quality cartons and more accurate product fills—all at higher speeds and with less downtime.

The fully modular and customizable cartoner also accommodates a second delta robot at the machine infeed to fill up to 60 cartons per minute, depending on the package being loaded into the carton. The robots feature lightweight carbon shafts that handle a maximum of 120 cycles per minute. End-of-arm tooling, buckets and containers can be changed to carton flow-wrapped, bagged and thermoformed packages.

Built for high-speed operations, a re-orientation turret rotates product 90-180 degrees, to align with the orientation of the conveyor for maximum efficiency and to reduce product buildups on the line.

The Tri-Seal Top-Load Cartoner also places a sheet between the carton former and vacuum belt, and the carton former acts as the mandrel as it travels up to press against the form. Because the sheet is controlled the entire time, more accurate and higher quality cartons are created compared to typical tri-seal cartoners.

Kyoto Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Japan, acquired PMI Cartoning in August.

PMI Cartoning, Inc.


NJM Model 403 Final Touch Print & Apply Labeler

NJM, a Canada-based product brand of ProMach, introduced the Model 403 Final Touch Print & Apply Labeler.

The 403 features a modular design, flexible PLC controls and a variety of optional label applicator tools to maximize production versatility and ease of use when labeling cases and shrink-wrapped bundles.

The Model 403 Final Touch Print & Apply Labeler is ideal for food and beverage manufacturers and contract packers.

The 403 can apply side labels, top labels, corner wrap labels and 2-panel labels with a variety of optional tamp or wipe-on applicators. Featuring a new swiveling yoke option, the labeler can be flipped from vertical to horizontal orientation to quickly change over between top and side labeling configurations. The 403 Final Touch applies labels from 1-4.25 inches high and 2-12 inches wide.

The standard Model 403 is equipped with an updated Allen Bradley PLC and 4.3-inch PanelView PLUS 7 color touchscreen, with an option for a 5.7-inch HMI. The flexible PLC allows for additional inputs and outputs for different inspection systems and other extra controls that the customer might require.

Additional features include heavy-duty components and construction such as a powder-coated floor base and aluminum vertical column mount that maximizes durability. And, recipe-controlled electronic adjustments can be changed over to handle a new package, label size and configuration in less than 5 minutes with no tools required. 

NJM Packaging


Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (Quadrant EPP), Reading, Pa., showcased thermoplastic solutions for the food processing, packaging and conveyance industries.

Quadrant’s portfolio of materials developed for food contact, including a comprehensive “food-grade” family, aim to increase productivity while keeping consumer and employee safety at the forefront.

Quadrant’s food-compliant materials are FDA, CFIA, NSF, USDA, 3A-SSI and EU STD-certified.

Its 3-way detectable plastics portfolio includes a core group of compliant materials designed to increase uptime and throughput in today’s food handling, manipulation and processing environments. These materials are blue in color, x-ray detectable, metal detectable and visually detectable.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (Quadrant EPP USA, Inc.)


Wildeck Crossover Platform

Wildeck, Waukesha, Wis., demonstrated how its storing, lifting and guarding products complement automation applications within the packaging and converting industries.

Wildeck’s products, including mezzanine platforms, vertical material lifts (VRCs), RiderLift rideable material lifts, Wilgard protective guard rail and EdgeAlert open gate alarms are engineered to be fully integrated into larger, automation projects.

Wildeck’s LadderLink system, which the company added to its own portfolio after integrating Ladder Industries, Goodyear, Ariz., is a modular access solution that provides packaging and converting industry personnel full control over the level of access they require to machines, conveyors and equipment in their facility.

Wildeck, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries


Lyco continuous pressure cooker

Lyco, Columbus, Wis., exhibited the Simulator, a continuous pressure cooker that can pasteurize, cook or cool raw or pouched products.

The Simulator is said to reduce cook times of dry beans and rice by 70-80%, and reduce cooling times for pouched food products by 40% using patented Hydro-Flow air and water agitation.

Also on display was the Double Drum Screen, which screens twice in one pass through the machine, thus reducing industrial waste and maintaining efficiency thanks to the clean-on-place traveling spray, which uses 5-10 gallons per minute.

Applications include vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and poultry.

Lyco Manufacturing


Septimatech Multi-Lane Adjust System

Septimatech, Canada, introduced the new Multi-Lane Adjust System, designed to eliminate change parts, lane spacers and heavy lifting equipment for quick, simple adjustment of packaging lines with multiple lanes. The patented system reduces changeover complexity and frees up plant space and operator time. The Multi-Lane Adjust System allows just one operator to simultaneously adjust up to a 30-foot section of lanes from one location. The Multi-Lane Adjust System is ideal for a wide variety of packaging applications where multiple lanes are required. Lane changes are accurate and repeatable with precise tolerances to improve container handling from start to finish. Container funneling can be adjusted from a maximum of four lanes to one. Other features are as follows:

  • Easy implementation with existing or new packaging equipment.
  • Increased accuracy and repeatable adjustment.
  • Improved ergonomics and safety with no equipment lifting required.
  • Set up without templates or spacers.
  • No extra storage space needed for templates and parts storage.

The new Easy Laner servo-driven lane diverter accurately merges or diverges a balanced supply of stable and unstable containers from a single lane to multiple downstream lanes. The direct drive laner eliminates chains and belts for fast, smooth, maintenance-free and jam-free operation. The Easy Laner comes standard with Septimatech’s state-of-the-art automatically adjustable guide rails for easy, fast, one-touch tool-less setup and changeover. The Easy Laner directs containers to multiple machines or lanes by product count or high/low prime to maintain steady downstream production balance. Metering and balancing is available through a gate or brake. If a problem occurs downstream, the intuitive system automatically ceases flow to that machine or lane, while maintaining consistent delivery to the other lanes. Septimatech’s Easy Laner retrofits onto existing packaging lines, has a small footprint and can be adapted to confined or unconventional spaces to feed casepackers, cartoners or other applications.

The Easy Laner allows up to 8-inch-width adjustment to accommodate a wide range of product sizes. Other features are as follows:

  • Fast, easy setup and changeover on user-friendly touchscreen for one-touch automatic lane changeover.
  • Built-in state-of-the art Septimatech automated, adjustable guide rails.
  • Precise, intelligent long-life servo-driven system.
  • No belts and chains for maintenance-free and jam-free operation.
  • Fast, precise gate control for improved product handling and flow.
  • Flexible adjustment for a wide variety of existing or new containers.

Septimatech’s new Easy Adjust Rails system delivers repeatable guide rail adjustment and changeover, without pneumatics or other high-maintenance components. Easy Adjust Rails easily retrofit to existing or new conveyor systems, and provide one-time calibration with no springs, seals or air pressure to maintain. Easy Adjust Rails contain stainless-steel hardware and engineered plastic components suitable for use in washdown environments and with caustic solutions. Curved and angled surfaces prevent pooling of washdown liquids. Other features are as follows:

  • Easy implementation with existing or new conveyors.
  • Increased accuracy and repeatable adjustment.
  • One person, one-touch changeovers.
  • Secure handling of boxes and any size container when subject to conveyor back pressure.
  • One-time calibration of system.
  • Low friction, smooth transfer, non-marking container handling.
  • Ideal solution for washdown and caustic environments.

Septimatech Group, Inc.


ID Technology ClearMark

ID Technology, a Fort Worth, Texas-based ProMach product brand, introduced the ClearMark thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer for packaging a wide variety of foods and beverages. Built around HP’s latest TIJ technology, ClearMark prints high-quality text, graphics and barcodes onto almost any porous or non-porous substrate, providing the capability to add fixed and variable data, including serialized 2D data matrix barcodes, directly to primary or secondary packages or pre-printed labels. ClearMark saves messages and parameters to the printhead’s on-board memory, enabling ClearMark to operate without being connected to an external controller. Settings associated with each ink are stored on the cartridge Smart Card and automatically retrieved. When an ink cartridge is removed from the printer, the Smart Card records how much ink remains. Users can interface with ClearMark via common function buttons found directly on the smart head as well as on the system’s 10-inch color touchscreen. The new HMI features an uncluttered display with icon-based navigation to simplify programming and monitor system status. Additionally, ClearMark can share data via a USB pen drive and an Ethernet port that facilitates connection to a PC, PLC, plant-wide network or the cloud. This enables users to create and edit messages off the plant floor, automate changeovers, integrate with serialization systems and troubleshoot remotely. True Type fonts and unlimited fields for counters, time, date, barcodes, logos and graphics are available.

Also new is the LSI-9135 wrap labeling system, which applies labels to difficult-to-handle tapered containers. Built on the 9000 Series platform, the LSI-9135 is well-engineered and designed for simple installation, maintenance and ease-of-use. The LSI-9135 can accurately apply labels on standard and tapered round containers at speeds up to 60 containers per minute by using a unique vacuum wrap belt that gently applies the labels around the products, while a dual wiping mechanism ensures the labels are firmly secured. Within the same system, a second labeling station applies a label into the recessed lid of the package. This eliminates the need for a second labeling application area. In addition, the LSI-9135 system incorporates ID Technology’s M-Series high-speed labeler, allowing it to fit any production environment and handle most label sizes. The LSI-9135 can also be integrated with laser coders or thermal transfer overprinters to add variable information.

ID Technology


PTI Packaging Systems, New York, debuted the VeriPac Active Volume Control (AVC) vacuum-based leak detection technology.

The next generation of VeriPac systems combines technological innovation and practical adjustments to current technology.

Packaging Technologies & Inspections, LLC (PTI Packaging Systems)


Orion Sentry Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Orion, an Alexandria, Minn.-based product brand of ProMach, introduced the Sentry LP, an entry-level stretch wrapper.

This semi-automatic machine features IntelleVue, a recipe-driven, 7-inch color touchscreen HMI/controls package for easy operation, quick trouble shooting and better overall load protection. Also, at 12 revolutions per minute (RPM), the stretch wrapper is said to make a 30% increase in wrap speed, and features 200% pre-stretch to stabilize loads while minimizing film usage.

To aid wrap accuracy, RevoLogic delivers a precise count of each RPM, supporting the accuracy of each wrap pattern, including the important number of top and bottom wraps. To further advance productivity, an integrated scale option allows for pallet weighing and wrapping to be completed in one single step.

Orion Packaging


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Certa pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), Wilmington, Mass., showcased its MasoSine Certa Pump, designed for clean pumping in all food and beverage applications.

The MasoSine Certa Pump is said to be one of only two positive displacement pumps to boast EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certification, assuring that chocolate, cheese curd, soft fruit, sauces and pie fillings are pumped without degradation. This easy-to-clean pump is self-draining, has a reduced clean-in-place cycle time and requires lower volumes of cleaning agents.

Certa’s sinusoidal rotor gently carries fluid through the pump to dramatically reduce shear, while cutting power consumption by up to 50% with high viscosity fluids.

All contact parts are FDA- and EC1935-compliant.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group


Lantech, Jeffersontown, Ky., featured a team of stretch wrappers and case packing equipment.

For instance, the Cl-1000 in-line case erector features a smaller footprint and can erect up to 25 cases per minute.

The QL-400 semi-automatic stretch wrapper is an intelligent, intuitive and instructional solution.

And, the RL automatic stretch wrapper features the company’s new load seeking clamp, metered film deliver, load guardian, pallet grip, automatic roll change and more.



Klöckner Pentaplast Elite

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), Charlottesville, Va., showcased its Elite and Evolve trays for fresh produce.

Using up to 100% recycled PET to make fresh protein trays, the Elite solution is fully recyclable and can be further regenerated into packaging or other recycled plastic items.

The Evolve trays are a vacuum skin tray packaging solution that uses up to 97% post-consumer recycled content and can increase shelf life and preserve taste and texture for easy single packing and hanging tabs for vertical display options.

Klöckner Pentaplast of America, Inc.


Shuttleworth Laner

Shuttleworth, a Huntington, Ind.-based product brand of ProMach, showcased the latest additions to its product lineup, including a new high-speed product laner, an innovative, high-speed solution for dividing product from single to multiple lanes, mass fill ovens, freezers, robotic case packers and other equipment requiring spreading or dividing of product. The unique design features below-the-surface mechanisms to provide a more sanitary design. 

Shuttleworth partnered with Schneider-Electric, Andover, Mass., to feature its EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor providing instant, real-time system information and diagnosis for easy maintenance, reduced machine downtime, human error reduction and more.

Shuttleworth also presented its inventive stacking system, designed to gently stack products in preparation for bagging, case packing, shrink wrapping and cartoning applications, ideal for handling products such as paper plates, tortillas, pizzas and more.

Also on display was DASH, Shuttleworth’s dynamic accumulation and buffering system featuring the patented Slip-Torque roller technology to minimize low back pressure for gentle product handling of the most delicate products. The system’s continuous motion, first-in, first-out accumulation provides buffering of product flow for a smoother line efficiency.



Fortress Meat Pump Pipeline

Fortress Technology, Canada, unveiled how its new pipeline metal detector can assist meat food processors handling high-viscosity meats to reduce the risk of metal fragments entering the production chain. The Meat Pump Pipeline was designed to deliver maximum metal detection sensitivity and uptime in around-the-clock meat manufacturing sites. Especially suitable for sausage and meat patty manufacturers, as well as food factories using pastes and meat sauces in ready meals, the compact Meat Pump Pipeline Metal Detector is fitted to a mobile frame, offering greater flexibility and fast and simple connection to vacuum fillers. Featuring electric-powered height adjustment controlled via the HMI, the unit’s compact size makes it faster and easier to manoeuver around manufacturing environments and connect to other production vacuums. The Meat Pump Pipeline applies digital signal processing technology to clearly distinguish the signal generated by a metal contaminant from the product being inspected. To help maintain metal detection sensitivity, the system also integrates Auto-balance, which is designed to rebalance the coil heads within the unit. IP69K-rated and USDA-compliant, the new Meat Pump Pipeline is built to withstand harsh meat processing environments and high-pressurized washdowns after every product changeover. It also features data capture and Contact Reporter Software, and ensures traceability compliance with stringent North American meat processing requirements, including GFSI/SQF, BRC and HACCP. The intuitive, password-protected HMI control panel stores up to 99 product profiles in nine language choices.

Fortress Technology also unveiled what is said to be the first ever multi-orientation, multi-scan food metal detector to show attendees. The Interceptor DF (Divergent Field) system can be customized to different aperture sizes, and is especially sensitive to thin contaminants that are difficult to detect and can be missed by other technologies. As a result, this system reports a 100% increase in sensitivity compared to single or dual frequency food metal detectors. The Interceptor can also be used to inspect small thin packages of conductive products like cheese and deli meats. The multiple electromagnetic fields are orientated in different directions, so plants can run multiple metal detectors all at once. Rather than missing a metal contaminant because it hasn’t aligned with a specific frequency, the Interceptor DF looks for signals over a broad spectrum from multiple angles.

Fortress Technology


Tekni-Plex Tri-Seal Sniff Seal

Tekni-Plex, Wayne, Pa., debuted its newest closure liners for food products.

Tri-Seal, Tekni-Plex’s liner division, exhibited liners with patented Sniff Seal technology, which enables scent permeation through an induction seal closure liner without affecting the seal or compromising the contents.  

As a result of the recent Oracle Packaging acquisition, Tri-Seal also showcased flexible packaging laminates and high-performance lidding products for food and beverage applications. Oracle’s extensive laminating, extrusion and coating processes cover foil, film and paper substrates and are accompanied by gravure printing and finishing capabilities.

Tekni-Plex, Inc.



ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., highlighted its standard and custom reusable packaging solutions.

The most recent retail supply chain solution to join ORBIS’ portfolio is manufactured for the grocery and foodservice industries. The XpressPal (XP) Grocery pallet includes a new design and leg/feet features that allow the 40x48x6.5-inch nestable pallet to integrate with a variety of other nestable pallets and work seamlessly with material handling equipment. Its hygienic one-piece design and open, textured deck better protect high-turn food and beverage products in a fast-paced supply chain.

For in-store solutions, the Pally converts from a mobile to static pallet — with one press of its pedal — so product can be rolled from the distribution center to the truck to the aisle, or backroom, without down-stacking. The Pally can also serve as an in-aisle, shopper-ready endcap or point-of-purchase display, supporting staging for retailers and online grocery order fulfillment.

The HDMP4845 BulkPak container — sizable for automotive parts — allows two additional positions per a 53-foot truck (28 total positions), while maintaining the internal capacity of a standard 45x48-inch bulk container. These collapsible bins make deliveries more productive by maximizing truck space. An inbound truckload can carry 84 filled HDMP4845 containers, and a return truckload can transport 252 collapsed HDMP4845 containers vs. the standard 208.

Custom designed ORBIShield dunnage is compatible with containers such as the HDMP4845. Dunnage can be placed within the container to add another layer of protection during transport, assembly and storage.



Intelligrated 891i

Honeywell Intelligrated, Cincinnati, featured the Alvey 890i palletizer, capable of handling a variety of stacking patterns, small and difficult-to-handle products and a wide range of packaging types. Pattern utility software enables operators to create new case patterns in minutes from an intuitive touch-screen interface, which also provides advanced diagnostics.

Additionally, attendees experienced the company’s TechSight augmented reality maintenance solution, which uses smart glasses and a videoconferencing platform to instantly connect on-site technicians with remote Honeywell Intelligrated technical support experts. This enables live service instruction via 2-way audio and visual communication, expediting service issue resolution.

Honeywell Integrated


BW Integrated Systems, Romeoville, Ill., formed a relationship with LineView Solutions, a UK-based provider of manufacturing intelligence software, to grow and expand its integrated packaging solution footprint.  

Through this partnership, BW Integrated Systems will extend LineView’s manufacturing intelligence software solutions across its customer base. As both an OEM for packaging equipment and a leading systems integrator, BW Integrated Systems will also offer LineView through its services programs. The partnership also enhances the product offering of parent company Barry Wehmiller’s packaging platform, BW Packaging Systems, which offers combined primary packaging, labeling and end-of-line packaging systems.

BW Integrated Systems, a Berry Wehmiller company