Interroll, Wilmington, N.C., displayed its modular conveyor platform (MCP).

Features include:

  • Speeds of up to 3,500 units per hour with Interroll’s new high-performance divert (HPD).
  • Up to 30% in energy savings thanks to the EC310 24V RollerDrive.
  • Advanced UL-certified controls, Ethernet/IP ZPA 4 ZONE MultiControl Card.
  • Full modularity allows for around-the-clock system reconfigurations.
  • Ease of installation and smooth flow of products up to 110 pounds per zone.
  • An AutoCAD-based layout tool helps design and select a system with integrated modules.

The MCP can be customized to form a complete material handling solution for uninterrupted flow of product. The components include the straight sections and curves with and without drives as well as merges, inclines, declines and transfers. Conveyor modules can be equipped with various drive systems and combined with one another to accommodate various application requirements.

Interroll also showcased its new patented MSC 50 (magnetic speed controller), an easy-to-install, maintenance-free solution for warehousing, e-commerce, food processing and any customer that uses flow racks for heavy containers. The MSC 50 controls the speed of boxes and plastic trays traveling on gravity roller conveyors and spirals or the end sections of sorters. Suitable for handling goods weighing up to 77 pounds, the MSC 50 features an eddy current brake, double shielding, which prevents magnetic emissions entirely and a bidirectional braking function.

Interroll Corp.


Wildeck, Waukesha, Wis., introduced the new RiderLift Rideable Material Lift (RML), designed to increase the utilization of facility capacity gained from mezzanines, rack systems and pick modules. The RiderLift material lift comes in either “C” or “Z” loading patterns, features a keyed “enable” switch inside the car to ensure use only by authorized personnel and boasts a lifting capacity up to 2,500 pounds. The RiderLift RML also meets ASME A17.1/CSA B44 code requirements. Additional benefits include:

  • Increases material handling efficiency.
  • Allows workers to travel with their material between levels.
  • Improves safety, reduces fatigue and minimizes lost time accidents.

Wildeck also released a new family of structural steel end-of-aisle rack protectors to guard against fork truck impact at rack aisle corners in storage facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. Wilgard XT Rack Protectors are designed for heavy-duty rack protection in high traffic areas, and can provide an adequate barrier to forklift impact in everyday use. Intended for lighter-duty rack protection and provide a low-cost alternative to no rack protection at all. These protectors also withstand fork truck impact to rack uprights, avoid damage to inventory and come individual “right-” or “left” side rack or as a unitized “double-headed” protector that guards the entire rack width.

Furthermore, Wildeck’s subsidiary, Ladder Industries, introduced a LadderLink modular access system that provides a rugged framework of five core bolt-together components that create a customized access solution for distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing operations. The LadderLink system utilizes a framework of five pre-engineered steel components that combine to create virtually endless configurations of work platforms, crossovers and stairs. Continuous toe-board/kickplate and handrail on platforms, ladders and stairs improves safety while standardized components reduce delivery time.

Wildeck, Inc.


KEB America, a subsidiary of KEB Automation KG, Shakopee, Minn., showcased its line of gearmotors, which include options such as spring-set brakes, flange outputs, encoders, special paint or lubricants and low-backlash gearing.

For coordinating movement over multiple axes, KEB offers the modular H6 multi-axis drive. Customers can also choose from a B6 bridge rectifier or AFE (active front end) for line regeneration. A wide range of fieldbus communication operators helps with connection to an existing PLC. And, safety modules for functions like safe torque-off and safe brake control can be added to the drive.

KEB's R6 regenerative drive units are designed with advanced processing hardware and control algorithms to return otherwise unused energy to the grid. Returning the energy to the grid can also keep the temperature of the control room or cabinet lower. The R6 regenerative drive units are applicable for applications that lift and lower like hoists and cranes or cyclic applications like centrifuges.

KEB America


PS DOORS, Grand Forks, N.D., showcased its ANSI- and OSHA-compliant SAFEMEZZ360 mezzanine safety gate. The SAFEMEZZ360 utilizes a counterbalanced gate system to provide 360 degrees of mezzanine ledge protection. In addition, it features a slam-proof, cushioned dampening system that protects personnel from dangerous and noisy slamming. This gate opens and closes smoothly on 2-inch nylon rollers and track system, allowing easy, one-handed operation. It’s constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a durable powder coat and safety yellow finish ideal for repetitive use. Plus, it bolts easily into place on a mezzanine, and is available in single- or double-pallet widths. 

PS Doors also displayed the loading dock safety gate, which lifts a full 90 degrees (without pinch points) to allow clearance for loading and unloading while reducing the danger of falls from docks, bays or exposed edges. Its counterbalanced design enables easy, one-handed operation, and a unique dampening system keeps the gate from closing hard. Made from heavy-duty steel and featuring a powder coat yellow finish, the loading dock safety gate withstands repetitive use. Once assembled, it simply bolts to the existing floor or concrete, and is adjustable to fit standard 8- or 10-foot loading docks. 

PS Doors


Nova Cold Logistics streamlined operations among its five dispersed locations by tapping into HighJump’s 3PL warehouse management solution (WMS).

Canada-based Nova Cold Logistics, formerly Brookfield Cold Storage, operates some 19 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled storage space in five facilities, including one in Calgary, one in Brampton and three in Halifax. The company serves more than 60 diverse customers specializing in refrigerated and frozen foods that range from dairy, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, baked/packaged goods and a wide variety of seafood.

HighJump, Minneapolis, provides a plethora of comprehensive and modular 3PL WMS cloud-based solutions that enable NCL to up employee productivity, facility throughput and overall customer satisfaction. For instance, HighJump Pulse, the company’s supply chain analytics application, provides clear and real-time insights on which actions to take to enhance workflows. Each visual is interactive, drilling down to the relevant data source and outlining which action to take to improve processes and strengthen offerings.

Nova Cold Logistics

HighJump Software


Zebra Technologies, Vernon Hills, Ill., announced SmartPack Trailer, which provides the transportation and logistics industry with real-time operational visibility. This innovative technology improves efficiency in loading trailers along with load quality, staff training and safety, and helps public and private carriers of freight and parcels across ground and air transport modalities build a smarter, more connected distribution network.

SmartPack Trailer captures operational data such as load density, trailer fullness, images of loads in progress and number of packages scanned and loaded per hour, giving organizations unprecedented insights to achieve peak levels of performance and profitability.

Due to a lack of visibility in the loading process, trailers are often loaded improperly, wasting available space. SmartPack Trailer solves this issue by drawing actionable insight from data provided by 3D sensors and camera technology on the loading dock, allowing organizations to eliminate wasted space and time.

SmartPack Trailer’s hardware, software and analytics integrates with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to track volumetric efficiency, load rate and when a load is nearing completion. Drivers can be alerted in advance when a trailer is about to be closed out, resulting in lower dwell time and freeing up the dock so a new load can begin.

Businesses can also leverage the images from inside the trailer to track and monitor the lifting techniques of their employees, while enabling loading dock supervisors to make on-the-spot decisions to help employees work faster and more efficiently.

Zebra Technologies Corp.


Regal Beloit Corp., Florence, Ky., debuted the MODSORT modular transfer and diverter station, which eliminates the need for a lift or pneumatics. The MODSORT station features the System Plast 2253RT roller top belt, which allows it to uniquely transfer and divert packages based on the sphere’s vector speed and direction while also featuring a 1-inch, on-center sphere array to allow for very small packages to be diverted. The station can divert on the fly or stop and divert at a true 90-degree angle, and is ideal for polybags and small packages while also easily handling boxes. MODSORT stations can be placed end to end to create a medium-rate sorter or integrated with conveyors to create transfer stations within conveyor systems. Customization is possible for picking and packing stations within the modern distribution center. MODSORT can also be easily integrated into new or existing material handling systems with the ability to transfer a wide array of products.  The station features include:

  • Motorized drive rollers (MDR) and controls that employ run-on-demand technology.
  • 24-volt DC motor and controls that allow flexibility in wiring and control.
  • The ability to divert exceptionally small packages and boxes.
  • No pneumatics, lifts or Z-direction position feedback devices are needed.
  • Safe, energy efficient, quiet and low-maintenance operation.
  • Controls that allow stand-alone programming or can interface to a PLC via network.

Regal Beloit also introduced the next generation of its SealMaster Skwezloc Locking Collar concentric locking collar. The new design accommodates commercial turned and polished shafting while improving lock reliability on turned ground and polished shafting. The Skwezloc Locking Collar achieves improved lock reliability through an innovative circumferential groove on its inner ring bore that reduces stress on the inner ring when properly clamped to the shaft. A larger cap screw and collar also improve the clamping force and holding power to the shaft. This locking collar also reduces stress concentrations when the collar is tightened through an optimized chamfer profile, and maintains the same simple single-screw installation of preceding models that prevents axial movement while eliminating the risk of pre-loading the bearing.

Regal Beloit Corp.



Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT), La Mirada, Calif., extended the capabilities of its BATTview battery monitors by adding data integration functionality between BATTview units and Quantum chargers. Data integration allows both Quantum chargers and BATTview units to optimize charge cycle communications in addition to scheduling and delivering precise equalization cycles and tracking charge cycle termination conditions. This allows for better overall diagnosis of charger and battery performance issues and demonstrates the future of smart devices for fleet asset, energy management and forklift battery charging technologies. Easy to install, each unit features an innovative combo probe with integrated battery temperature and water level sensors. All BATTview units effectively measure critical battery parameters, including voltage, current, electrolyte temperature, water level, AHR throughput and state of charge (SOC). BATTview units also log and store operational data, including charge, use and idle cycles, daily usage data, aggregate charge and use AHRs, as well as warranted AHRs. Equipped with wireless communications, BATTview supports wireless cloud integration, as well as remote monitoring and control. Data is uploaded to ACT’s ACTview cloud application, where users can centrally manage all battery assets, analyze operational data, optimize battery and fleet performance, generate performance reports and troubleshoot battery issues. BATTview units also feature power line communication, which enables direct communication with Quantum battery chargers via charging cables.

ACT also launched its Quantum battery chargers, which feature modular technology, built-in redundancy, plug-n-play operation and scalability through field expansion. Dubbed as the most intelligent chargers in the industry, Quantum chargers are equipped with wireless communications, equipped with power line communication and are UL/cUL certified and CEC compliant.

Advanced Charging Technologies



Orion Packaging, Alexandria, Minn., powered by Pro Mach, introduced the company’s first automatically guided portable stretch wrapper.

The AG360 is designed for those distribution centers and manufacturers looking for greater flexibility in securing pallet size and larger loads as well as improved load protection and assured material savings.

Warehouse personnel bring the new AG-360 automatically guided portable stretch wrapper to the load rather than the load to the stretch wrapper. The AG-360 automatically guides itself around the pallet or product, wrapping as it goes and adapting to the load’s size and shape.

Because the AG-360 is not confined to specific load or product dimensions, this machine is ideal for pick-to-order distribution centers and other warehouse environments where each day and every load is different.

The AG-360 features a powerful battery and sophisticated power monitoring system that lengthens the time between charging. The 7-inch IntelleVue HMI, which features intuitive graphical symbols, assists with easy operation and places extensive maintenance documentation on the machine for quick access.

Orion Packaging



Dematic Egemin (formerly Egemin Automation Inc.), Grand Rapids, Mich., added functionality to its E’gv Compact mid-sized automated guided vehicle (AGV) with the addition of a straddle fork component.

Initially released as a tugger vehicle capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds, the E’gv Compact was designed from the ground up to be a smaller option to a full-size AGV.

Dematic Egemin (formerly Egemin Automation)