I.D. Systems, Inc., Woodcliff Lake, N.J., launched its latest generation of user software, Vision Pro.

Vision Pro features an exception-based, intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface with advanced technologies that allow for tighter integration with WMS, ERP and maintenance software packages. Combined with PowerFleet IQ, an analytics platform, this 1:2 combination improves the timeliness and quality of operational and strategic decision making.

The new software is available as a fully hosted, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform or as a locally installed server-based system behind a customer’s own firewall. Vision Pro provides online user access on any device – mobile phone, tablet or desktop – enabling users to manage their fleets and stay connected to critical operational information anytime, both on or off premises.

Vision Pro delivers new reporting capabilities through best-in-class third-party embedded tools, including report search, content search, advanced sorting, filtering and graphing. Integration with Google Maps provides accurate visualization of asset location inside the facility, enabling managers, operators and maintenance personnel to find vehicles faster and improve operational efficiency.

Vision Pro also utilizes data collected from the PowerFleet vehicle management system (VMS), consisting of an on-board device installed on material handling equipment and user software. The on-board device collects and wirelessly transmits vehicle information such as data on safety, compliance, maintenance and efficiency.

I.D. Systems, Inc.


OTTO Motors, a Canada-based division of Clearpath Robotics Inc., redesigned the OTTO 100 self-driving vehicle to meet the rigors of industrial environments, while continuing to maintain the flexibility to work in a lab, at manufacturing plants and everywhere in between. Designed for durability in a variety of environments, this vehicle features rugged, all-metal construction and an integrated lift for automated loading and unloading.

The newly introduced OTTO M is the software that enables Industry 4.0 capability and connects OTTO self-driving vehicles with the material flow in a production line. OTTO M houses an industry-leading mapping experience brought to life with an intuitive mobile and desktop interface. OTTO M also exposes a standard API for integration with ERP and MES systems to orchestrate complex automation with existing enterprise software. 

OTTO Motors


Hoist Liftruck, East Chicago, Ind., expanded its electric tractor line to include flooded lead acid, fast charge, hydrogen fuel cell and lithium ion charging options.

Hoist Liftruck rolled out its first AC power-driven motor on the electric Lazer Series, which features extendable counterweight and an electric option.

Pneumatic tire lift trucks will also now offer an electric model as well as the cushion tire Lazer Series. The P-Series and Neptune Series will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

And, in partnership with Axletech, Troy, Mich., Hoist Liftruck launched the electric P-Series (the PE Series), which boasts a capacity range from 22,000-36,000 pounds.

Hoist Liftruck


Canada-based TECSYS unveiled ProCheck, a strategic performance and optimization consulting service that helps distribution organizations attain the highest returns on their supply chain operations while meeting their business objectives.

Through this offering, distribution executives, along with TECSYS’ Optimization Consultants, will focus on key drivers that jump start operational performance and establish the foundation for continuous success. ProCheck is designed to identify baselines from which progress toward operational objectives and goals can be measured and gaps reduced.

TECSYS’ ProCheck includes the following performance track services:

ProCheck Business - focuses on distribution organizations’ operational goals and objectives. TECSYS’ optimization consultants work with customers toward mapping out their objectives and goals, aligning them with metrics and KPIs, creating an action plan to monitor their performance using dashboards and analytics and implementing a program for continuous improvement.

ProCheck Warehouse - a comprehensive assessment of a distributor’s warehouse operation across a multitude of factors. It is designed to compare an organization’s warehouse operations with best practices, identify the areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations and guidance to implement best practices in their warehouse operations.



ADSI, Schaumburg, Ill., released Ship-IT 7.0, a user-configurable, multi-carrier shipping software, designed for shippers who want to tailor their own system without relying on IT resources.

The new software includes robust multi-carrier shipping software capabilities, along with an intuitive dashboard where users can create, modify and test their own business rules and documents. This release also includes optional modules for order management, cartonization and additional integrations with eBay, Amazon and other online marketplace platforms.

Ship-IT 7.0 offers the following capabilities:

  • Business Rule Engine. Designed to enable non-technical users to create their own shipment processing rules, this lets customers react quickly to dynamic business changes.
  • Document Engine. Where users can select standard, carrier-compliant shipping labels, documents and emails or create a branded version of their own.
  • Cartonization Module. Ensures orders are packed in the most optimal package size for lowest-cost shipping rates.
  • Expanded E-Commerce Marketplace Integrations. Ship-IT 7.0 can also be configured to automatically process Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders and connect to many e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Overstock, Magento, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor and more.
  • Expanded Carrier Options. Ship-IT 7.0 offers ADSI’s largest selection of carriers that can be onboarded to date.
  • Mobile-Ready Deployment. ADSI continues to expand its software on a growing line of mobile computers.



Trelleborg, Wakefield, Mass.,  showcased a sampling of its full range of tires for the material handling market.  These include the OEM-approved Pit Stop Line Elite XP resilient, Monarch press-on solid and the T-900 industrial pneumatic.

The Pit Stop Line Elite XP resilient features a built-in, visible line that appears when the tire has just 100 hours remaining before replacement. This unique innovation allows users to achieve the best total value of ownership, as well as benefitting from increased productivity and safety and reduced environmental impact across the fleet.

Also featured were the FL-08 and the FL-01 pneumatic tires. 

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc. 


Exide Technologies, Milton, Ga., announced the GNB Marathon FPX Premium Flat Plate battery for motive power applications.

The Marathon FPX flat plate battery is designed for medium to heavy-duty industrial use and for opportunity charging applications.

Features include:

  • Up to 10% more active material and higher paste density enables a robust design to meet demanding operating conditions.
  • Charged on state-of-the-art Inbatec equipment to protect plate integrity and increase performance and cycle life.
  • Improved plate curing process for stronger paste cohesion.
  • Increased antimony alloy level for extended cycle life.
  • Optimized acid gravity for lower corrosion and longer cycle life.

Exide Technologies


Scandit, San Francisco, released Barcode Scanner SDK 5.2 for iOS, Android, Windows and other supported platforms. This latest iteration includes a new premium feature called MatrixScan that enables users of any camera-equipped device to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes at once.

MatrixScan help users find a specific product among many similar boxes, localizes and decodes all barcodes in the frame and then highlights codes matching search criteria. An augmented reality feature can superimpose product information, such as product images, on physical goods.

The MatrixScan user interface also shows users which barcodes have been captured and which ones still need to be scanned. Other uses include simultaneous capture of multiple codes on a form or label, e.g., receiving entire pallets with a single scan or capturing all codes on a shipping label.

Scandit Inc.


Master Magnetics (The Magnet Source), Castle Rock, Colo., provides workhorse magnets for the supply chain and distribution industries.

Magnetic inventory labels are ideal for efficient inventory control organization, and come in four styles—magnetic data card holder kits, magnetic label holders with clear plastic sleeves, magnetic strip with vinyl coating and standard flexible magnetic strip. Easily repositionable and available in a range of widths and lengths, magnetic inventory labels hold pre-printed or handwritten inventory labels, and hold data cards that contain important product information such as names, SKUs, barcodes, prices, descriptions and more. When inventory changes or moves, just reposition the magnet.

Also new are Super Grip Magnetic Sign Holders, which provide a simple method of attaching a sign to metal racking. This channel magnet features a clear acrylic grip that securely holds aisle, direction or hazard signs vertically or horizontally. With 60-pound pull strength, these sign holders provide added durability, preventing the magnetic base from being pulled out of place.

A full line of magnetic hooks provides storage and safety options in the warehouse. Available in a range of sizes and pull strengths up to 65 pounds, magnetic hooks are ideal for aisle and lane chains, storage of cables, chains, wires, tools,, and other items and and hanging and mounting of repositionable items like work lights and fixtures. Simple to move and re-use in various locations throughout the warehouse, this line of magnetic hooks boasts different attachments, including carabineers, key ring hooks, swivel hooks and reversible hooks.

Magnetic sweepers reduce the danger associated with flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, welding remnants, wire, staples, tacks and metal shavings. These super-powered, permanent magnetic sweepers feature push, hang or trailer-type styles, range from 12-96 inches in width and are ideal for the fast and efficient removal of hazardous scrap metal debris from warehouses, loading docks, parking areas, runways, manufacturing and shop areas, job sites, workshops and other high-traffic areas.

Master Magnetics, Inc.


Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass., debuted the DataMan 70 series, a line of compact fixed-mount barcode readers small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

DataMan 70 series offers manufacturing and logistics companies higher performance than single-line and raster laser scanners. Its flexible configuration options and small size also make it ideal for mounting in tight spaces on production lines and in machinery.

DataMan 70 is optimized with industry-leading barcode reading algorithms and individually controlled LEDs to ensure continuously high read rates.

Cognex Corp.