DM Logic, Pittsburgh, Pa., introduced STEPLogic Trace, a comprehensive solution that supports cradle-to-grave tracking within the distribution center. Trace was designed to manage the aggregation of serial numbers in a parent child relationship, creating efficiencies in managing the data without compromising quality. The system is audited and validated for FDA Part 11 compliancy, and enables companies to record serialized drugs, aggregate them by unit of measure and then connect multiple systems, platforms and trading partners to view the supply chain in its entirety. Trace also allows for the serialization of every type of transaction or can be configured to manage capture of serial numbers just on inbound and outbound transactions. Users can create apps, write scripts and run reports to match the requirements of the DSCSA and other country mandates. Trace and can easily integrate with any WMS and integrates with SAP ATTp and Tracelink, as well as with conveyor scanning and sorting systems.

DM Logic also presented STEPLogic Warehouse, a WMS designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This app-based platform gives users the ability to personalize the full system in real time, as well as design new screens, reports and RF messages through decision-tree analysis.

DM Logic


AeroVironment, Inc., Simi Valley, Calif., launched a patent-pending advanced version of its ConnectRx for its PosiCharge ProCore line of electric forklift chargers for the materials handling industry.

The advanced ConnectRx boasts sophisticated cable connector health monitoring technology designed to detect connector abnormalities during charging sessions. It immediately alerts users to possible charger and battery output problems that could potentially result in damage to the forklifts or facilities and injuries to employees.

In addition, PosiCharge ProCore’s anti-arc disconnect feature protects the operator and minimizes wear on the connectors. ProCore’s advanced charge algorithm manages voltage and battery electrolyte temperatures in real time and actively compensates for superior battery-gassing control.

AeroVironment, Inc.


Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., now offers a full array of services to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve world-class manufacturing operations.

Tetra Pak Services’ offerings include a wide variety of products and services, such as consumables, upgrades, personnel evaluation and customized training, remote equipment monitoring and remote support and consulting.

Consulting is one Tetra Pak Services offering where experts measure, benchmark and develop a customized continuous improvement program. It covers five key areas—operational performance, quality, environment, production information management and supply chain and logistics.

Tetra Pak Services are enabled by cutting-edge technologies and digitalization that facilitate customer remote support, condition monitoring, training and access to data and information from around the globe.

Tetra Pak US


Box Latch Products, Pewaukee, Wis., offered an innovative low technology solution to address contemporary business issues associated with waste management, supply chain sustainability, lean manufacturing and employee health/safety.

Box Latch Products are a reusable alternative to tape, staples and bands, and can be incorporated into closed loop systems, work-in-process (WIP) and parts inventory storage operations. Plus, all Box Latch Products are made from 100% recycled black ABS plastic, and the orange anchors are made out of virgin nylon and are recyclable.

Box Latch Products are ideal for manufacturing, process and industrial products, retail and consumer, transportation and logistics, wholesale and distribution and packaging industries.

Box Latch Products


Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (i.e. Muratec), Charlotte, N.C., dubted its new Uni-SHUTTLE HP, a high-performance automated storage retrieval system (AS/RS).

The Uni-SHUTTLE HP is designed to provide best-in-class capacity and performance through a combination of flexible storage functionality, high-capacity transport and sorting capabilities.

For more on this and other AS/RS units, check out Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ May 2017 issue, which covers new AS/RS technologies.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.


Paxxal Inc., Noblesville, Ind., rolled out new pallet to the U.S. market.

The Paxxal North American Pallet is made from 100% recyclable, patented composite material with impact resistance and durability properties. The Paxxal Pallet exceeds all of the North America GMA specifications, weighs less than 50 pounds and features reinforced blocks, 95% top deck coverage, a solid core, internal reinforcement for better rackability, wider 4-way entry, rubber inserts to prevent slippage, a one-piece top and bottom deck design, RFID and barcodes, hand holds, stretch wrap corners and chamfered undersides and decks for easier pallet jack and forklift use.

Additional features include:

  • More durable than wood or plastic.
  • Lower product damage.
  • 30% lighter than wood.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • High-impact resistant.
  • Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, bacterial growth, corrosion and UV.
  • Hygienic and exempt from fumigation requirements.
  • Pending FM and UL listed.
  • 100% recyclable with indefinite life span.
  • Potential for color coding/product identification

Paxxal, Inc.


Vecna, Cambridge, Mass., unveiled Logistics Solution, an end-to-end logistics approach that re-imagines automation for manufacturing, warehousing and omni-channel fulfillment.  

Vecna’s Logistics Solution is powered by artificial intelligence that continually optimizes workflow and integrates any and all material handling platforms, including but not limited to Vecna’s full spectrum of robots. This solution is based on four pillars: 

  • Industry-leading, facility-level simulation determines best targets for automation, identifies the right mix of robot capabilities and demonstrates clear ROI before implementation.
  • Said to be the widest and most capable collection of next-generation autonomous robot platforms available.
  • Provides real-time optimization through a proprietary task manager and WMS/MES integration for order processing.
  • Delivers comprehensive support, including a remote-assist capability.

In addition, the Logistics Solution comprises consultation services, software implementation, automated robot platforms and ongoing support.

Vecna’s proprietary simulation software determines optimal automation platforms for each facility’s unique floor plan, throughput and resources. Based on this information, customers implement automation platforms from the conveyor, lifter, tow tractor or VGo telepresence series.

The task manager optimizes the execution of prioritized delivery tasks by leveraging the most appropriate resources given the relevant dynamic constraints.  

Remote assist proactively monitors uptime to ensure that a facility’s operations flow smoothly even in situations that bring other robots to a dead stop.



The new Combi-CS counterbalance pedestrian stacker from Combilift, Greensboro, N.C., combines optimum narrow aisle performance with full visibility of the forks, load and surroundings for enhanced health and safety procedures.

With tilting mast, the compact design of the Combi-CS enables it to work in the smallest operating aisles, and boasts a lift capacity of 1,850 pounds at 24 inches.

And, the unique patented multi-position tiller arm offers better visibility of the load and surroundings. 

Combilift USA


Delta Group, Fremont, Calif., launched new wireless battery charging systems for the material handling industry.

These wireless charging systems can be applied to a wide range of industrial vehicles, including forklifts and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). They cover the applications from 300W to 30kW, and can be designed for any power level depending on utility infrastructure and installation site. The 30kW wireless system can charge a 600Ahr-48V battery in 60 minutes.

Delta’s wireless charging system can be mounted to the wall or floor, and is available in a range of power levels. It is comprised of a base pad that connects to a wall box and a low weight on-board unit integrated into the vehicle. The 1kW can charge with a 20 mm gap between the base pad and on-board unit. The system can be programmed for any type of battery. The transmitting and receiving sections communicate via WIFI. Communications with the vehicle are via CANBus.

Delta Americas


Liftking Manufacturing, Canada, introduced the Liftking ML series of 4-way multi-loaders, which boasts capacities ranging from 6,000-22,000 pounds and lifts from 12-24 feet. Each unit features all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer and all-wheel brakes, as well as a hydrostatic drive system, a torsion-resistant frame and ergonomically designed operator’s compartment. Ideal for handling long or normal loads that have to move from inside/outside, on and off racks and narrow aisles and doorways, the ML series equipment can be used as an aisle truck, traditional forklift or a side loader. 

Liftking also introduced the LK135EL electric forklift, which has been engineered from the ground up to provide high capacity in a small footprint. This tough, compact model boasts a capacity of 13,500 pounds in the same amount of space as a typical 12,000-pound model. Features include excellent maneuverability, dual AC drive motors with high tractive force, full electronic and speed steering control, hydraulic over electric function controls, high capacity 80V battery and easy access maintenance points to keep you up and running. The LK135EL can be operated inside a standard ISO container making loading/unloading smooth and efficient. It can stack rolls of paper up to 3 high, making it ideal for the port, food and beverage industry applications.

Liftking Manufacturing Corp.


Mac Rak, Joliet, Ill., showcased its line of repair and protective guarding solutions.

These custom engineered, bolted and welded rack repair products comply with all ANSI / RMI MH-16.1 standards. The bolted rack repair products maintain the original designed column strength while dramatically increasing impact resistance of the damaged rack section to defend against future damage. And, the engineered rack-lifting jack requires minimal unloading of product.

Mac Rak’s portfolio includes 26 different column styles for all punches, dimensions and types of pallet rack systems.

Mac Rak, Inc.