OPEX Corp., Moorestown, N.J., released Perfect Pick HD, unique, robotic goods-to-person order picking technologies for warehouses and distribution centers. The HD in Perfect Pick stands for “high density,” storing custom totes two deep on either side of the aisle. New features include:

  • Twice the storage density provides a smaller footprint with greater flexibility to slot items across a warehouse.
  • 80-pound capacity of the iBOT allows for heavier payloads.
  • Over-height detect eliminates jams due to overflowing totes.
  • Integrated pick-to-light workstation streamlines picking operation and reduces latencies.

Perfect Pick HD operates on a single automated component, the iBOT, same as its companion, Perfect Pick, but has been enhanced to deliver heavier payloads – up to 80 pounds. The patented iBOT is a wireless, robotic delivery vehicle that navigates along an integrated track system to retrieve, store and sort inventory items. iBOTs are powered by onboard ultra-capacitors, which recharge as the iBOT moves through the system. OPEX traffic control software monitors the position of all iBOTs and directs their movements for maximum efficiency and throughput. Perfect Pick HD is engineered for scalability and flexibility– iBOTs can be added or removed from the integrated track system in a matter of minutes without disrupting ongoing operations.

Also new is Sure Sort, a highly scalable and configurable single item sorting system. Sure Sort is a robotic eaches and small item sorter that delivers a wide variety of items into a compact array of customizable sort locations. Regardless of size, packaging or orientation of an item, Sure Sort will scan items and deliver each piece in a single pass.

OPEX Corp.


Engineered for operator comfort, the new CM Rocket universal pendant control from Columbus McKinnon Corp., Getzville, N.Y., delivers precision control and accuracy for any application. The CM Rocket pendant control’s unique rocker switch and comfort‐fit design give operators ultimate load control while reducing thumb strain and fatigue. The wide shape of the rocker switch, along with its rugged, no‐slip directional indicators, allows for easy operation with or without gloves. Its curved, well‐balanced shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, requiring minimal wrist flexion for operation. And, the ribbed grip helps ensure the operator maintains a secure and comfortable hold in all environments.

The CM ShopStar VS electric chain hoist now comes with a variable speed, and features a high, H4‐plus duty cycle and compact design. The ShopStar VS features a lifetime‐lubricated gear train and a fully enclosed hoist frame designed to protect the hoist motor from environmental contamination. Its H4‐plus duty cycle delivers more than 300 motor starts per hour and Class F motor insulation for heavy‐duty use. It also comes in capacities from 250 to 1,100 pounds, and features speeds up to 63 feet per minute.

The new CM Tornado 360° features the revolutionary Sidewinder lever handle and its ergonomic design allows operators to be more productive with significantly less effort compared to conventional ratchet lever tools. The Sidewinder lever handle features a 360-degree rotating lever and a fold-out revolving handle to reduce repetitive wrist action.

The CM Hammerlok coupling link with a CM web sling attachment features the CM Weblok Assembly for synthetic sling lifting applications. The CM Weblok boasts a double load pin retention system, using both traditional and bolt/lock nut retention, preventing the load from backing out during extreme use.

Columbus McKinnon Corp.


The new TAB Wrapper Tornado “Skinny Series” orbital wrapping machines from TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa., wrap low-profile and limited-length products in plastic film for secure storage, warehousing and transportation without the need for pallets, boxes or containers. Ideal for wrapping bars, tubes, tires, building products, rolled goods and more, this semi-automatic orbital wrapper allows a single operator to feed the products from a roller conveyor or roller ball table and wrap them hands-free via foot pedal control. A variable frequency drive provides operator control over the wrapping speed for fast production and safe operation. TAB Wrapper Tornado Skinny Series wrappers are designed on a compact footprint with a wrapping ring diameter from 40-80 inches and a choice of 5- or 10-inch wide machine-grade stretch film rolls.

Meanwhile, the Perfect Storm features patent-pending technology that automatically senses the presence of a pallet load, then automatically wraps plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under both the pallet and its load. The Perfect Storm includes an integrated, powered conveyor to stage and automatically feed the palletized loads into the wrapping ring and discharges them wrapped and ready for warehousing and transportation. Developed to increase speed and improve efficiency in packaging and material handling, the TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm wraps common pallet loads in 15 seconds, and accommodates pallet loads of virtually unlimited lengths. It also includes a PLC controller with selections based on the size of the pallet, number of wraps and locations of wraps on the pallet load to customize wrapping to the weight, shape, dimensions and other characteristics.

TAB Industries, LLC


Lenze Americas, Uxbridge, Mass., delivered out-of-the-box smart product solutions for easy commissioning and operation of roller and chain conveyors.

Lenze Smart Products deliver a superior mechatronic drive solution for clearly specified roller and chain conveyor applications. Drive selection, definition, installation and parameter setting help streamline the process of defining the conveying system, selecting the installation version and fixing the payload. Smart Product solutions come equipped with engineering documentation and design of ready-made modules, including CAD blueprints, dimensioned drawings and EPLAN macros for easy integration by machine builders.

Plus, the built-in intelligence can be paired with a smartphone for remote authenticated user access in Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Lenze Americas


The packaging systems division of SSI Schaefer Systems International, Charlotte, N.C., introduced the GlobalStac bulk container, which collapses for easy return shipping. The GlobalStac offers 95% cube utilization in both 40-foot sea containers and 53-foot tractor trailers. It delivers a 12.9-inch collapsed height and allows up to 256 containers upon return shipment for tractor trailer truckloads and 176 units in 40-foot sea containers.

SSI SCHAEFER also introduced the latest upgrade for WAMAS, a warehouse management software (WMS) suite, designed to optimize order fulfillment and labor management. This latest version enables the utmost efficiencies in both manual and fully automated warehouses. WAMAS optimized fulfillment creates a smooth run time throughout the entire day, and provides complete visibility in real-time across multiple facilities.

New to SSI SCHAEFER’s portfolio is the Weasel, an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) that integrates into production utilizing only a small footprint. The Weasel is designed for low throughput and long distance transfers, and masters almost any transport task with minimal implementation. The Weasel AGV navigates along an optical track eliminating physical barriers, and can transport weights up to 35 kg and unit sizes from 120 x 120 x 45 mm to 650 x 450 x 510 mm in temperatures ranging 5°C up to 50°C. The Weasel is powered by rechargeable battery packs with operating times to accommodate 2 shifts or up to 16 hours between charges. 

SSI Schaefer Systems also opened a new manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Schaefer Systems International, Inc.


Flow-Rite, Byron Center, Mich., unleashed Battery Steward Reporting Services, a cloud-based solution that helps operations managers proactively identify neglected, misused and abused industrial batteries.

The 14 new reporting services include:

  • Missed Task Report. Manage by exception and discover what battery maintenance tasks have not been completed.
  • Equipment Age Report. This report delivers relevant age information of the fleet.
  • Battery Condition Report. At a glance, gain insight into the cable condition, cleanliness and contact condition of battery inventory.
  • Activity Reports. Dig into specific tasks to see what, when and who completed maintenance activity. And, review activity trends over time to uncover hidden and useful information about internal processes.

Flow-Rite Controls Ltd.


Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), Houston, Texas, introduced the new 3,000-pound capacity Jungheinrich EKS 314 order picker to its North American product line. This new energy-efficient model can run up to 16 operating hours on one battery charge.

The new model can reach order-picking heights of up to 366 inches, and is specifically designed for high pick rate and high-density storage applications. The EKS 314 boasts top travel and hydraulic lift speeds in addition to extended 1,000-hour service intervals.

Unique benefits include:

  • Advanced proprietary 3-phase AC technology. The EKS 314 utilizes advanced 3-phase AC technology, ensuring strong acceleration, high lifting and lowering speeds, lower energy consumption and longer run times. Combined with regenerative braking, regenerative lowering offers immediate use of generated power, providing prolonged battery life. This advanced technology allows operators to run the order picker up to 16 hours on one battery charge.
  • Stable control handle base. This solid, intuitive control handle allows operators to grip it securely during travel, yet retain precise control of travel and lifting functions. The angle and height of the base are engineered for maximum operator comfort to enhance on-the-job confidence.
  • Fold-up monitored side gates. The side gates are nested and out of the way when in the up position, giving the operator maximum access when picking products.
  • Stable operator platform. Designed with the operator in mind, the platform includes an ultra-comfort cushioned floor to help isolate the operator’s feet and legs during order picking and driving, providing enhanced stability. Removable storage bins and 5-volt, 2 Ampere USB power supplies allow operators to store their items and charge accessories while working.
  • Sealed components. For greater longevity, the EKS 314 includes more reliable operation and added protection in dusty or moist environments.
  • Full-color interactive display. The display panel shows key performance indicators and truck status information in an easy-to-read manner for increased awareness.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.


viastore, Grand Rapids, Mich., upgraded its warehouse management system (WMS) viadat 9.0 to include a new, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. viadat 9.0 is independent of databases and operating systems, and its scalability and multi-client capability make it suitable for e-commerce businesses and logistics service providers. viadat 9.0 includes more than 2,500 functions in 16 languages for manual or automatic storage, picking and distribution. This means that the WMS can be used across multiple locations and international borders, and allows for uniform, streamlined intralogistics processes company-wide. Viadat 9.0 can be connected to all ERP systems, implemented using the configuration wizard and customized to meet individual requirements. With a simple mouse click, the user can create new forklift or picking workstations, add additional storage zones and integrate further warehouse equipment components such as shuttle systems or driverless transport systems. The user interface also minimizes the time needed for training, reduces errors to a minimum and provides a valuable basis for monitoring and decision making.

viastore also presented viarobot, a robotic system that allows operators to automate their conventional manual warehouse without additional infrastructure such as rails or special racks. The system automatically stores, retrieves and relocates containers and cartons and transports them to the order picker. Thanks to the use of intelligent software, viarobot adjusts to all structures of the building, regardless of obstacles and without interruption. The robot operates at a speed of 6 feet per second and at a storage height of up to 13 feet. When the lithium-ion battery is running low, viarobot automatically drives to its charging station. The device can also work in the dark and in unheated environments.

viastore SYSTEMS Inc.