Douglas Battery, Winston-Salem, N.C., showcased its full range of batteries and chargers, including LegaC2 high-frequency modular chargers. LegaC2 modular chargers are suitable for a wide range of battery capacities, and are designed to maintain peak efficiency at all times. Due to the modular construction, charger modules can be switched on and off automatically. If a single module develops a minor fault, the charger will bypass it and continue operation at reduced power, resulting in a continued charging process and uninterrupted fleet operations.

The Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring device can be installed right on the battery to capture real-time information on a range of battery parameters. This small unit records minute-by-minute data, then uploads it to a PC or tablet via Bluetooth. The Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite then analyzes and converts the data into easy-to-read reports with actionable information.

Douglas Battery

ELECTRIC UTILITY VEHICLES                           

Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP), Charleston, S.C., partnered with Zallys, an Italy-based manufacturer of personnel carriers, electric vehicles and material handling equipment, to debut a new line of electrical utility vehicles.

The new line consists of over 70 products in three categories (tow, load and personnel carriers).

The electric wheelbarrows and loading equipment can safely and efficiently move materials up to 4,409 pounds.

The line of electric utility vehicles can push, pull or steer wheeled loads up to 33,069 pounds.

Whether picking orders or transporting personnel, Zallys line of electric personnel carriers safely transports up to 1,100 pounds and tows up to 5,500 pounds.

Absolute E-Z Up



Delta-Q Technologies, Canada, released its first lithium-specific battery charger—the ICL1200.

The new ICL1200 is a 1,200-watt charger, designed to optimally charge lithium battery systems with any lithium-ion chemistry (e.g. LCO, NCA, NMC, LMO, LFP, LTO, etc), suitable for use on any electric machine, including scooters, low-speed electric vehicles, boom lifts, floor care machines, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and more.  

The ICL1200 uses controller area network (CAN bus) communications and carries a comprehensive set of global regulatory approvals, including touch-safe requirements for the European electric vehicle market.

Featuring a wide AC input range, the charger can operate on any single-phase electrical grid around the world. With a fully customizable field-replaceable cable design and the ability to act as both an on/off board chargers, the new ICL provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with flexibility in design and deployment.

Delta-Q Technologies


ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., featured its spectrum of reusable packaging and retail delivery system.

The 42x30-inch small-format HP pallet frees up trailer space by allowing more pallets to fit in each vertical stack, while maximizing cube efficiency of the truck with 45 configurations vs the standard 30. This pallet allows full cases and split cases to be sorted and loaded at the distribution center to optimize routes. After arriving at the retailer, it can be moved directly to the floor and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. This small-format pallet maximizes floor space and fits in narrow aisles to accommodate compact retail formats. The pallet’s contoured corners won’t damage product, and the solid body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights.

The OPTE Bulk is a collapsible bulk system comprised of a plastic pallet, reusable sleeve and top cap, in footprints from 32x44 inches to 40x48 inches. Sleeves are available in several heights, styles and access door configurations. When full, the OPTE Bulk protects bulk products and tote systems during shipping. When empty, the sleeves collapse for easier storing and reduced freight costs, and the lightweight components allow for safer handling.

Tote dollies are available for a variety of handheld totes and trays, and can be used within a distribution center for easy tote handling between workstations and at retail for efficient replenishment. Dollies are available in a variety of materials, footprints and configurations. Non-marking casters also are available for retail floors.

Carts can streamline picking and fulfillment in both distribution centers and retail environments. When integrated with reusable totes, users have a flexible system that connects picking to delivery. They can be integrated with reusable picking and distribution totes to more conveniently store and stage goods. The mobility of the carts is critical to accelerate picking speed and improve order accuracy in this fast-paced landscape. Standard carts feature powder-coated construction for a long life and aesthetics. All carts feature heavy-duty casters to minimize noise and ensure easy maneuverability.

The Pally is part dolly, part pallet. This dual feature allows materials to be stored, transported and distributed with less equipment, minimal labor and few touch points. The Pally is what unloads and moves the materials to their destination. When mobile, the Pally quickly converts to static mode with a press of the pedal. When static, the rubber braking stabilizers ensure the Pally withstands lateral force, allowing for stable transport within a trailer. For small-format retailers, the Pally supports frequent product deliveries and easily maneuvers in tight spaces. It also assists in picking and fulfilling material, and enables staging of e-commerce products designated for store pickup.

ORBIS also showcased its newest products, the BulkPak and ORBIShield lines.



Intelligrated, Cincinnati, displayed its lineup of sortation solutions, fulfillment technologies, labor management software and lifecycle support services.
Bomb bay, cross-belt, tilt-tray, sliding shoe, push tray, dual-tray and sweeper sorters are designed to handle the product sizes and packaging types of e-commerce. The IntelliSort HDS, for instance, offers an innovative dual-sided design that fits a high density of chutes in minimal floor space, an ideal solution for zone-skipping applications that pre-sort orders according to destination prior to releasing them to parcel carriers.
Labor management software from Intelligrated Software helps operations meet rising customer service expectations while driving labor savings and ensuring process rigor, both in distribution centers and in stores. And, Intelligrated’s Momentum WES platform offers the flexibility and speed necessary to respond to operational demands in real time and drive complex omni-channel and e-commerce fulfillment.



Havis Inc., Warminster, Pa., displayed new docking and mounting solutions for numerous brand computers, including the recently-added DS-DELL-700 Series of IP-rated fixed docking solutions with internal power supply options for Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets. These solutions are designed to increase mobile productivity for in-vehicle material handling applications, including forklifts, mobile carts, and pallet jacks.

Havis works directly with laptop and tablet manufacturers such as Dell, Getac, Microsoft, Panasonic and more to ensure device compatibility with docking stations. In fact, Havis partnered with Dell Corp., Round Rock, Texas, to develop the new patent-pending DS-DELL-700 Series, which provides a fixed docking solution to secure Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets in applications requiring an IP65-compliant rating and an internal power supply.

Havis also displayed a range of mobile office accessories, including power supplies, keyboards and screen blanking solutions.

Havis Inc.


Frazier Industrial Co., Long Valley, N.J., showcased a team of storage innovations and order fulfillment solutions, designed to maximize space, improve productivity and increase order picking efficiency.

The Ergo Deep Reach, for instance, is an alteration of the Ergo Beam, developed in response to customer needs for an advantage when picking heavy cases. Ergo Deep Reach’s pallet locations sit at a low level while enabling workers to seamlessly walk through the aisle from one row to the other. This patent-pending solution boasts 4-inch structural steel beams, creates easy access to rear carton location for improved picking productivity and is ideal for first and second level order picking applications, at a capacity up to 2,500 pounds.

The Pallet Mole features the latest technology in high-density storage, storing up to over 40 feet high and 50 pallet positions deep, while increasing productivity and maintaining SKU selectivity.

SelecDeck Carton Flow is the ideal solution for rising SKU counts and slow moving items. By converting lower pallet rack levels to SelecDeck, users are said to increase floor pick locations by 25%. SelecDeck’s universal shelf bed accommodates cases of all shapes and sizes and provides quick and easy product mix changes.

Frazier also announced the opening of its newest plant in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The plant will manufacture 2 million pounds of steel per month.

Frazier Industrial Co.


Foreverlamp, Torrance, Calif., showcased its LED lighting solutions designed to replace HID high bay lighting.

These advanced LED lighting solutions enable customers to re-use their existing lighting fixtures in an eco-friendly manner by simply replacing a light bulb. Each lamp is designed to work with the existing magnetic ballast and sockets, and doesn’t require any re-wiring, reconfiguration and/or contractors to install.

Foreverlamp is said to be the first in the industry to introduce a 1000W and 400W plug-n-play metal halide replacement lamp.

The advanced 1000W retrofit LED solution—the RS Series—was developed to replace 750W and 1000W metal halide lamps, providing up to 52,000 lumens with a CRI of 83 in 5000K.

The Foreverlamp Retrofit Series consists of the GS, PS and HS Series that offer versatile lumen outputs from 18,000 to 27,000 that are compatible with 400W through 175W pulse and probe start ballasts. The GS Series comes standard as a bi-directional uplight/downlight for high output applications with a range of 9,900 lumens to 24,000 lumens. The PS Series delivers a smaller, yet powerful form factor with up to 21,000 lumen outputs and available in standard and high output.

The DLC Approved LED HB Series high-bay fixtures are designed to replace a 400W HID fixture, and are DLC-approved and UL and CE listed.



Magline, Standish, Mich., acquired the assets of The Mule battery powered lifting product from Beyond Products, Inc., Milford, Conn. As a result, it launched LiftPlus, a versatile all-in-one system that encompasses an electric screw drive system providing smooth and quiet operation. Its narrow footprint fits through doorways and into tight spaces, eliminating the need for a fork truck when not required. The available end effectors are equipped with quick-change brackets, allowing one LiftPlus unit to perform multiple jobs. Plus, it easily folds for storage and transporting.

Magline also teamed up with Rotacaster, Australia, to create the Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck, which features a fully supported rotation wheel base for easy maneuverability in confined spaces. The integrated kickstand holds the truck in an upright position when loading or when a load is not present.

The Self-Stabilizing truck also makes it easier for operators to elevate rather than lift up curbs or over obstructions without reversing.

And, the new propulsion assist feature and lift system for the CooLift provides assistance while pushing a loaded CooLift over rough terrain, inclines or thresholds. The easy-to-use propulsion controls include a throttle interlock feature to minimize accidental activation of the propulsion system. Propulsion is activated with a separate button, so the user maintains complete control when in use. The center drive wheels automatically return to free-wheel mode when the throttle is released to allow operators to move the CooLift with ease when propulsion is not needed. The CooLift units also come equipped with a fully electric lift system. The lift is chain driven, with twin lead screws at the front of the deck and a linear actuator at the rear of the deck. A microprocessor control system with encoder feedback provides smooth, quiet operation during lifting and lowering, and the capacity ranges up to 1,500 pounds.



Manitou Group, West Bend, Wis., launched a new range of industrial forklifts, including 25 new models that offer a variety of electric, diesel and gas options and a capacity range from 3,300 to 15,432 pounds.

On display was the new Manitou MI25G forklift, which features a lifting capacity of 5,500 pounds and a lift height up to 10 feet x 10 inches. This forklift comes equipped with a powershift transmission, duplex mast and a 35 hp LPG engine.

The new ME316 offers a lift capacity of 3,520 pounds and a lift height up to 21 feet x 4 inches. This machine was redesigned to emphasize a more modern and stylized concept.

Fitted with a 48-volt battery, these electric machines are ideal for logistic centers, loading and unloading vehicles, storage/warehouses, distribution centers, procurement centers and more.

Manitou Group