Datalogic, Eugene, Ore., showcased its portfolio of supply chain solutions to be used in every facet of the supply chain to efficiently and effectively detect, identify, mark, sort, ship, receive and fulfill.

The solutions include:

  • Omni-channel fulfillment using the Jade automated scanning portal.
  • Machine vision technology for “beyond barcode” solutions.
  • AV7000 high-performance, long-range linear camera.
  • Inventory management using the FalconX3+ and SkorpioX3 mobile computers.
  • Item traceability using the PowerScan family of barcode readers.
  • Delivery verification by the DL-Axist PDA with Android.
  • Warehouse management through the implementation of multiple UHF RFID options. http://www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/articles/92407-high-frequency-rfid-solutions

Datalogic ADC, Inc.


Seegrid, Pittsburgh, Pa., expanded its Supervisor application programming interface (API) to offer more advanced, connected solutions.

This API connects the Seegrid platform to upper-level production management systems, removing points of interaction for the customer, directing material flow and managing overall operations.

Building upon Seegrid Supervisor, the fleet management system that empowers customers to manage, monitor and control their vision guided vehicles (VGVs), the API ensures that enterprises operate at peak performance. Supervisor interprets operational instructions and executes material handling actions to completion, enabling full integration with dispatching systems (WMS/MES) and providing seamless day-to-day management. API integration also streamlines communication with network PLC devices to dynamically re-route VGVs, react to facility emergency systems, remotely call from any work cell or dispatch to a different location to support changing material demand.

Seegrid Corp.


Voxware, Hamilton, N.J., partnered with smartglass hardware provider Vuzix, Rochester, N.Y., to develop an augmented reality (AR) offering that brings voice and scanning together with vision and image capture to create a comprehensive personnel optimization solution.  

This AR solution uses smartglass technology to improve packing and shipping and returns and receiving in the distribution center. 

In the packing and shipping AR workflow, for example, as items are selected in the warehouse and prepared for shipment, a packer can capture a photo with his/her smartglasses to ensure the correct item is selected, packed properly and is leaving the warehouse in pristine condition. Voxware’s technology also provides evidence for filing claims with third-party shippers and the ability to refute false claims made by consumers. 

The returns and receiving workflow works in a similar manner to ensure the right product is being returned or to confirm the reason for the return.




Hyundai Forklift, Norcross, Ga., introduced the BCS-9 stand-up counter-balanced battery lift trucks for narrow aisle operation in distribution and manufacturing environments. The three new models – 15BCS-9, 18BCS-9 and 20BCS-9 – are available in 3,000-, 3,500- and 4,000-pound capacities.

The powerful dual drive motors and 4-wheel configuration deliver exceptional stability and gradeability. Designed for optimum reliability and efficiency while providing low noise levels, the AC motors include temperature sensors to ensure longer motor life. Equipped with on-demand steering, the forklifts’ hydraulic motors are activated while steering to reduce steering noise and energy consumption.

The ergonomically designed operating system includes an adjustable armrest, a large, cushioned backrest and a contoured, minimal-effort joystick.

An advanced, 3.5-inch LCD color monitor with self-diagnostic system allows the operator to control the machine. The monitor provides such information as speed, steering wheel position, travel direction, battery discharge and work mode. The standard load indicator system measures the weight of the load being lifted.

The battery compartment features a side battery removal assembly for easy removal and replacement. And, the 8kHz high-frequency ZAPI controller provides smooth, quiet operation and protection for low and high voltage, overheating and fault recording. Electric disc brakes provide emergency stopping and parking, and are actuated automatically when the pedal is released.

Hyundai Forklift


Mallard Manufacturing, Sterling, Ill., introduced Extend-a-Rail, a mobile, expandable pallet flow lane that provides temporary pallet staging where and when it’s needed. Extend-a-Rail delivers measurable productivity improvements and reduces travel time from production line to storage area, dock to truck for order fulfillment, or truck to pallet for carton offloading and pallet building. Extend-a-Rail also rolls into place as a compact telescoped unit that expands into a dense, push-assisted lane up to 10 pallets deep. Once locked in place and fully extended, pallets are loaded on one end and walked/pushed along the durable wheeled tracks to the opposite end for forklift extraction. After all pallets are removed, the lane folds back into place for storage or to be moved to the next activity area. Extend-a-Rail features include:

  • Retractable design offers a variety of lengths.
  • Flip-down handle makes it easy to move and fold for compact storage.
  • Feet lock in place to easily brace and stabilize the unit.
  • Light, yet rugged aluminum rails ensure easy transport.
  • Anti-backup devices can be used to prevent pallets from shifting

Also new is the pallet jack access ramp for pallet flow. This product marries the pallet jack and floor-mounted pallet flow to increase efficiencies in product staging areas and elsewhere in the warehouse. Constructed using heavy-duty galvanized material, this simple tool provides a quick, easy solution for the pallet jack operator to access the floor-mounted pallet flow. Features include:

  • Reduces the number of forklifts and operators vs. bulk stacking.
  • Provides better space utilization – fewer aisles needed.
  • Reduces travel time – vehicles travel to staging lanes vs. full distance.
  • Maintains proper (FIFO) inventory rotation – critical for dated goods and food products.
  • Eliminates chaos and contention in dock area by separating order staging and put-away.
  • Enables quick access to flow lanes from load or pick side.
  • Frees up forklifts for order picking operations.

Mallard Manufacturing also expanded its line of pallet separators.

Mallard Manufacturing Corp.


Numina Group, Woodridge, Ill., demonstrated its latest real-time distribution system—RDS-Warehouse Execution and Control Software WES-WCS—which combines pick-by-voice and put-to-light order picking and consolidation into a pick, pack and ship suite for e-commerce and omni-channel distribution operations.  

Pick by voice directs the primary picking directly to the shipping carton while also directing the picking of items to the put-to-light consolidation operation. When combined with put to light, it allows both single zone picking direct to the shipping carton and simultaneously sweeping items across all of the warehouse zones to consolidation totes.

Put to light put walls scale from small to large order consolidation requirements with 50-plus order consolidation shelf positions. Each shelf includes a pick-to-light/put-to-light multi-color display indicator, confirmation button and shelf color LED light-bar illuminator. Each display position includes a color light bar that illuminates to light the entire shelf position to quickly and accurately guide the operator to put and verify placement of the required items to the required shelf. Operators use a hands-free bluetooth ring 2-D scanner to scan either the item barcode or the tote/case batch of items to rapidly light, put and confirm orders. When the last item is scanned, the alpha numeric display lights up, showing the order is complete and the required carton size for packing and shipping.

The Numina Group


Engineered Material Handling (EMH), Valley City, Ohio, released the new Model LS Load-Stabilized Hoist, ideal for transporting loads quickly, securely and safely. With a unique and robust rope tensioning design and reeving configuration, load swing is dramatically reduced, even during quick starts and stops.

The EMH Model LS Load-Stabilized Hoist is available in two versions— a single girder side-mounted hoist with capacities up to 12.5 tons and a double-girder hoist with capacities up to 25 tons. Each hoist is equipped with 3 or 6 separate load ropes with each individual load rope to keep the load securely and safely in position.

Options include weighted weighing devices, rotation capabilities, power supply for magnetic systems or for grabbers, overload protection, load indication, outdoor operation additions, lighting and more.

EMH Inc.


Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Rolling Meadows, Ill., showcased its BX50 Series of engine-powered forklifts in both cushion tire and pneumatic tire models in 4,000-, 5,000-, 6,000- and 6,500-pound capacity. The BX50 blends power, performance and operator comfort, providing the operator with the tools necessary to handle the toughest applications with maximized efficiency and productivity. Additional features include:

  • Sharp styling, easy maneuverability, low center of gravity and dynamic appearance.
  • Dual floating structure cushions the drive components and operator cabin for greater operator comfort and reduced vibration.
  • KOPS Plus locks out lift, tilt and travel when the operator leaves the seat.
  • EPA Tier 2-compliant ECCS high torque engines for LPG or dual fuel operation.
  • High visibility EZview masts.
  • Tilt steering console with small diameter steering wheel and hydrostatic power steering.
  • Single piece, fully insulated all-steel engine cover for reduced heat and vibration.
  • Wide-open step area with non-slip surface and full-width rubber floor mat.
  • Advanced EZlift hydraulic system with tandem pump design enables efficient lifting without accelerating the engine.
  • Komatsu- designed and manufactured transmission with high-capacity oil cooler and aluminum alloy transmission case.
  • Advanced counterweight design increases airflow into the engine compartment while greatly reducing exhaust gas flow into the operator’s face during rearward driving.
  • Extended service intervals reduce downtime.

Komatsu Forklift also released the new hydrostatic drive FH-2 Series, which boasts 8,000- to 11,000-pound capacity. The FH-2 Series, electronically-controlled hydro-static or HST, was designed to utilize highly reliable, field-proven drive and control components such as Komatsu’s exclusive hydro-static drive system (HST), advanced closed center load sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system and KOMTRAX, the company’s GPRS/GPS wireless information delivery and tracking system. Additional features include:

  • Spacious operator compartment with full suspension seat.
  • Tilt and telescopic steering console with small diameter steering wheel and spinner knob.
  • Fully hydrostatic power steering.
  • Airtight wet disc brake system to assure exceptional overall durability.
  • CLSS produces just the right amount of flow and hydraulic pressures demanded by the situation, maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • HST drive allows for directional changes to be accomplished smoothly without releasing the accelerator pedal.
  • Adjustable auto engine shutdown system prevents needless idling.
  • Adjustable “turtle” control switch offers four different control speed settings for precise speed control in tight working situations.
  • KOMTRAX on-board wireless fleet management system with dash-mounted color monitor.

Komatsu also showcased its AM50 Series of compact 3-wheel electric TOTAL AC forklifts, which deliver 3,000-, 3,500- and 4,000-pound capacity. New features include:

  • “TOTAL AC” drive system, hydraulic system and power steering system.
  • Spacious operator compartment with full suspension seat, seat deck-mounted proportional hydraulic control valve levers, unique, highly efficient thumb actuated forward and reverse button on the side of the lift/lower lever.
  • High-visibility masts.
  • Tilt and telescopic steering console with small diameter steering wheel and spinner knob.
  • Fully hydrostatic power steering.
  • Airtight wet disc brake system to assure overall durability.
  • Meets IPX4 waterproofing standard for reliable outdoor performance in the rain and snow.
  • Ideal for use in freezers and coolers and in any application that may require frequent washdowns.
  • Rubber-mounted rear axle absorbs shocks and vibrations for greater operator comfort.
  • Optional features include cold storage package and fishery specification package.

Komatsu’s series of electric, narrow aisle, AC-powered reach trucks are available in single reach models with 3,500- and 4,500-pound capacity and a double reach model in a 3,000-pound capacity. FR Series features include:

  • 36-volt electrical system.
  • Komatsu Intelligent Control System for smart control of AC drive and AC hydraulic systems.
  • Multi-function control handle for efficient and precise control of all truck functions.
  • High visibility mast with reinforced outrigger legs and bolt-on load wheel toe boxes for ease of maintenance.
  • Single rear drive with spring-loaded stabilizing caster.
  • Advanced proportional hydraulic control system provides infinite control with increased efficiencies and reduced energy consumption.
  • Rugged and dependable heavy-duty pantograph mechanism with dual-reach cylinders to handle the toughest applications

The new BBX50 model 4-wheel electric forklift offers lifting capacities ranging from 4,000-6,500 pounds. These trucks are total AC and feature both an AC drive motor and an AC hydraulic motor, and allow operators to control several key programming functions, including maximum speed, lifting speed and regenerative braking. Additional features include:

  • Ideally suited for indoor applications such as warehousing, grocery, beverage and more.
  • 36- and 48-volt electrical system automatically detects battery voltage.
  • TOTAL AC system provides power for all truck functions, including drive, hydraulics and steering.
  • Regenerative electrical braking is programmable in direction reversing, neutral (with accelerator pedal raised), ramp operation and brake pedal.
  • Service brakes are hydraulically operated, self-energizing, drum and shoe-type brakes on each drive wheel for positive operator control.
  • The operator compartment is designed for comfort and productivity with large open steps, low step height, wide open floor board with optimum pedal placement, tilt steering column, small diameter steering wheel, display panel on console and seat-side hydraulic levers.
  • Solid beam steer axle is mounted on rubber mounts with eccentric trunnions to absorb impact and control axle articulation.
  • EZview Mast System offers excellent operator visibility.
  • The dash display unit is also used to access the main controller for setting adjustable parameters and for service technician access for troubleshooting.

Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., LLC, a division of Komatsu America Corp.



MobileDemand, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, designed an innovative 8-inch rugged tablet with integrated 3D camera.

The xTablet T8650 is engineered specifically for the mobile workforce, where productivity is key and on-the-go performance is a must.

The Intel RealSense 3D rear-facing camera captures 3D scenery and objects, overlaying virtual information into a live image feed. Users can capture depth-based images for applications such as volume dimensioning, measurements, scene capture and more. The camera boasts multiple image sensors allowing depth sensing to see the world in 3D much like humans do.

The xTablet T8650 runs enterprise-ready Windows 10 Professional, and is partnered with an Intel Atom X5- Z8550 processor, 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. Other unique features include a high-performance 2D barcode imager, fingerprint reader, 4G LTE, GPS, dual color cameras, hot swappable batteries, vehicle mounting and more.



The KION Group, Summerville, S.C., launched what is dubbed as the largest product line in the history of the material handling industry.

This is the first time KION is showcasing its offerings together with Dematic, Grand Rapids, Mich., since its acquisition in November 2016. In fact, the KION Group was represented by five brands – Linde, Baoli, Dematic, Dematic Egemin and Dematic Retrotech.

The release includes five new Linde and Baoli forklift trucks, developed specifically with the needs of the North American market in mind. For example, the Linde Series 1347 is an electric, cushion tire truck powered by either a 36V or 48V battery. The Linde Series 1219 and 1319 are two internal combustion, counterbalanced torque converter trucks. Powered by a Ford 2.5-liter fuel-injected engine, the 1219 is suited for outdoor applications, whereas the 1319 is suited for indoor use. All three trucks feature load capacities ranging from 5,000-6,500 pounds.

The Baoli KBD Series features a Kohler Tier 4 Final diesel engine and load capacities up to 7,000 pounds.

KION NA also introduced the Linde Series 1279, an electric Class I truck with pneumatic tires featuring a load capacity of 13,000-17,500 pounds. Two additional Baoli models and a Linde Class I stand-on electric will be added to the company's product line later this year.

Supplementing Dematic’s range of products and services will be an advanced operational “piece picking” robotics solutions powered by the Dematic iQ Warehouse Execution System, specifically designed for dynamic order fulfillment.

The KION Group