Bubbies Ice Cream, the frozen novelty brand best known for its super-premium Mochi Ice Cream innovations, has announced it will begin shipping its Mochi Ice Cream in new individually-wrapped packaging to grocery stores and natural retailers across the country this fall. The new packaging marks the reopening of Bubbies Mochi Self-Serve Freezers that have long been a grab-and-go snack destination for customers looking to mix and match their favorite flavors. Earlier this spring, these in-store freezers were scaled back in retailers, due to an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19.

At a time when consumers are more conscious than ever before about food safety and health, Bubbies’ individually wrapped Mochi Ice Cream ensures enhanced protection from environmental elements and cross contamination, in addition to increased product freshness longevity for the best taste and texture. The new packaging also provides consumers with a more convenient way to enjoy this perfectly portioned treat on the go or at home.

“Given the current climate, we know that today’s consumers are more focused than ever on keeping themselves and their families safe,” said Vice President of Marketing, Katie Cline. “We’re proud to offer the same delicious, real-ingredient Mochi Ice Cream that people know and love, but with this update to our Self-Serve Freezers, we can ensure that consumers won’t have to worry about food safety. We’re excited to once again offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy a mix and match of their favorite flavors, during or after their grocery shopping trip.”

Bubbies’ new in-store Self-Serve Freezers will debut throughout the fall with varieties such as Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Triple Chocolate, Pistachio, Blood Orange, and Vanilla as well as Vegan Strawberry and Chocolate. Additional flavors from the brand’s portfolio, including its line of Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites, will follow in early 2021. Like all Bubbies products, individually-wrapped varieties are made with only real, non-GMO ingredients, including all natural ingredients, real fruit puree and kosher dairy, and are always gluten-free. Each individually-wrapped mochi will carry an SRP between $1.49-$2.00 per piece. 

Bubbies individually-wrapped Mochi Ice Cream and Self-Serve Freezers can be found in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide and other select retailers, including Safeway, Jewel, Shaws and many more. Bubbies products can also be found in retail boxes in Whole Foods, Sam’s Club, ShopRite and HEB, as well as select Costco, Safeway, and Albertsons stores nationwide. 

About Bubbies Ice Cream

Bubbies Ice Cream is an iconic frozen novelty brand best known for its all natural Mochi Ice Cream innovations. Starting with the highest quality real ingredients like Madagascar vanilla, real fruit puree and no rBST dairy, Bubbies Ice Cream crafts its creamy, super-premium ice cream using the same secret family recipe since Bubbies’ inception in 1985. Now one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the US, Bubbies’ portfolio includes more than 30 traditional and unique flavors of Mochi Ice Cream treats as well as a line of cookie dough ice cream bites.