Bubbies Ice Cream has announced new distribution as well as increased shelf sets for its Mochi Ice Cream and Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites in major retailers, including Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Albertsons, Shaw’s, Acme and Big Y. As one of the largest players in the mochi category, the new retail partnerships and expanded shelf placement marks a significant milestone for the brand, making its snacks more accessible for shoppers nationwide.

Bubbies has experienced double digit growth over the past year as well as a surge in repeat purchases compared to the year prior. Bubbies Passionfruit Mochi is also the number one fastest-growing item for the mochi segment in the natural channel.* With shoppers staying more loyal to purchasing Bubbies Ice Cream, the brand now represents a significant share of annual spend in the category and is generating incremental sales that are nearly doubling the basket size of frozen novelty shoppers.

“We are very excited to join forces with new and existing retail partners to make Bubbies more accessible across the country, especially for our newer customers and even loyal brand fans,” said Vice President of Marketing, Katie Cline. “Now more than ever, people are turning to ice cream for comfort and are looking for new ways to indulge, which opens up opportunities for us to provide value to consumers. Our products offer an exciting experience beyond a traditional pint through texture and a robust portfolio of flavors, so we can’t wait to bring Bubbies to people looking for something more than just your typical sweet snack.”

Bubbies also recently celebrated the reopening of its in-store Self-Serve Mochi Bars at Whole Foods with a variety of individually wrapped flavors such as Mango, Green Tea, Passion Fruit, Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate. These individually wrapped treats can also be found at other select chains around the country, including Safeway/Albertson’s, Acme, Shaw’s/Star Market, Roche Brothers and various additional independent groups. Located in the bakery section, the self-serve freezers allow Bubbies to deliver the same delicious, bite-sized frozen treats to more consumers who want to mindfully indulge in a safe way. The new individually wrapped packaging is also more sustainable than the leading competitor’s single-serve packaged mochi, using 75% less plastic while providing consumers with a more convenient way to enjoy this perfectly portioned treat on-the-go or at home. All Bubbies Ice Creams are made with only high-quality, real ingredients, including all-natural flavors, real fruit puree and kosher dairy, and are always gluten-free.

*Bubbies Passion Fruit mochi is ranked the #1 growth item in the Mochi segment for Total US Natural Channel in the latest 52-week period, bring in over $22,000 DSPP (Dollar Sales Per Point)

3Source: (SPINS Total US Natural Enhanced Channel – Mochi Segment - L52 WE01.24.21)

About Bubbies Ice Cream

Bubbies Ice Cream is an iconic frozen novelty brand best known for its all natural Mochi Ice Cream innovations. Starting with the highest quality real ingredients like Madagascar vanilla, real fruit puree and no rBST dairy, Bubbies Ice Cream crafts its creamy, super-premium ice cream using the same secret family recipe since Bubbies’ inception in 1985.  Now one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the US, Bubbies’ portfolio includes more than 20 traditional and unique flavors of Mochi Ice Cream treats as well as a line of cookie dough ice cream bites.