G.S. Gelato & Desserts, a manufacturer of gelato, sorbetto, plant-based frozen desserts and soft serve in the United States, recently celebrated it's 25th anniversary. What was once just the dream of a young, ambitious Italian couple has grown consecutively every year to become a supplier of branded and private label frozen indulgences for the foodservice and retail/grocery industries.

G.S. Gelato's owners, Guido Tremolini and Simona Faroni traveled from Italy to the United States in 1995 and instantly fell in love with the country and the idea of the American dream. Without knowing a word of English, they moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL in 1996 and imported Italian gelato-making equipment. Their dream was crushed when they found out the machinery was not authorized for use in the country. Months of hard work followed, struggling to learn a new language while simultaneously trying to get their equipment up to code and survive! A year and a half later, G.S. Gelato became the first manufacturer in the United States to receive approval from both the FDA and USDA for the production of wholesale gelato and sorbet.

"It's an emotional time for us, thinking about where we started and where we are today," says Simona Faroni, co-owner of G.S. Gelato. "My husband and I knew that gelato would one day be the evolution of the ice cream industry. Today, we still make the same beloved product but have expanded in capabilities in a way that we could have never imagined when we got off that plane 25 years ago. It is a true testament that hard work, love, passion, and never giving up will take you anywhere you want to go."

G.S. Gelato plans on celebrating this company milestone all year long, sharing their memories and the evolution of the company during their incredible journey. Follow along at gsgelato.com as well as your favorite social media platform to watch the best ingredients be crafted into extraordinary products, for 25 years and counting.

About G.S. Gelato

G.S. Gelato & Desserts Inc. specializes in the creation of authentic, Italian gelato, sorbetto, soft serve and plant-based frozen desserts with branded and private label products. The 40,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facility resides in Fort Walton Beach, FL and it is the first of its kind to receive approval from both the Food & Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture. G.S. Gelato serves several major private label retail customers and is the largest foodservice manufacturer of gelato, sorbet and plant-based frozen desserts in the United States, with distribution available through the nation’s leading foodservice distributors as well as capillary distribution through Dot Foods.