Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and Flowspace, the software platform and distribution network powering e-commerce logistics and fulfillment, announced a partnership to add 30 of Tricont Logistics’ temperature-controlled storage facilities to the Flowspace network of more than 100 fulfillment centers. Tricont Trucking and Tricont Logistics is Del Monte’s third-party trucking and logistics company. 

Tricont will use Flowspace’s best-in-class software to streamline the growth of Tricont Logistics, which services all types of customers, primarily urgent, complex supply chains. The partnership allows the produce giant to continue leveraging its assets and growing its third-party logistics business, while also expanding capacity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands requiring temperature-controlled facilities within Flowspace’s existing network. 

Ecommerce  presents a significant opportunity for CPG brands, with food and beverage growing more quickly than any other ecommerce category, per Insider Intelligence. Yet this growth potential is hampered by the scarcity of fulfillment partners capable of offering the temperature-controlled facilities and specialized services– including lot tracking, SKU-level reporting, and customizable picking logic – needed for many CPG products. Together Tricont and Flowspace offer these brands the full-service fulfillment solution needed to power digital commerce growth and ensure efficient, convenient delivery to their customers.  

An expert in cold chain logistics, Tricont will leverage Flowspace’s OmniFlow software to orchestrate and optimize omnichannel fulfillment within its facilities to orchestrate fulfillment and enhance its logistics capabilities.  

"Flowspace software streamlines the end-to-end fulfillment operation, improving visibility and orchestration for merchants and fulfillment operators alike,” said Frank Garcia, senior vice president of Operations, Flowspace. “Together with Tricont, we are reshaping the logistics landscape for CPG companies, setting a new standard for excellence in fulfillment.”

While Del Monte is known for providing fresh produce, its other business lines are powerhouses on their own, particularly its logistics network. The company owns Network Shipping, a third-party shipping network that transports goods across the world as well as Tricont Trucking and Tricont Logistics, which utilize the company’s ships, ports, trucks and temperature-controlled warehouses strategically located throughout 34 facilities in North America. Del Monte’s logistics arm continues to grow as the company identifies new ways to optimize its assets and generate additional streams of income. 

“We’re excited to partner with Flowspace as a way to further optimize the use of our temperature-controlled storage facilities for third parties,” said Ziad Nabulsi, Fresh Del Monte’s senior vice president of North America Operations. “We believe Flowspace’s technology designed to facilitate ecommerce and retail fulfillment will help us continue expanding our Tricont Logistics business to be able to offer our best-in-class logistics services to more customers.” 

Flowspace is trusted by more than 500 brands to enable efficient, reliable omnichannel fulfillment from any source to any end customer. Its open platform is equipped to integrate with systems, channels, and partners across the retail ecosystem, including direct to consumer (DTC) storefronts, third-party marketplaces, brick-and-mortar retailers, and beyond. 

About Del Monte
 Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared food in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. markets its products worldwide under the DEL MONTE brand (under license from Del Monte Foods, Inc.), a symbol of product innovation, quality, freshness, and reliability for over 135 years. The company also markets its products under the MANN brand and other related trademarks. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is not affiliated with certain other Del Monte companies around the world, including Del Monte Foods, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Del Monte Pacific Limited, Del Monte Canada, or Del Monte Asia Pte. Ltd. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is the first global marketer of fruits and vegetables to commit to the “Science Based Targets” initiative. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is traded on the NYSE under the symbol FDP.