To learn more about how food manufacturers and processors are creating the latest in craveable, consumable foods, this episode of From the Cold Corner features Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of Product Development and Innovation at US Foods, and Chris Glab, chief innovation officer at Wild Brine/Bubbies.

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During the podcast, they talk about research into Gen Z dining and eating trends, how their companies approach R&D and what’s on the horizon for new refrigerated and frozen foods. 

“At US Foods, we launch innovative products through our program that we call Scoop and Scoop is a national launch. The products launch at the same day across the country, and we're focused on unique or differentiated products that really provide solutions for our customers,” Kinkaid said. “That's what I think innovation is. It's about solutions and some of the key areas that we're focused on for customers are labor saving products to help address the lack of skilled labor and on-trend ingredients and products to really help them drive traffic and help set them apart from their competitors.”

Global flavors, including searching for new spices, and Korean cuisine are among the food trends expected to continue climbing in popularity.  

“Pickling has been around thousands of years, and it's interesting how trends ebb and flow. So it's not like sauerkraut and pickles, anything fermented or pickled is, is new, but there's sort of new and different approaches to it,” Glab said. “It's interesting that the consumer is really, really aware of health and health options and food is medicine. And, we have a very simple selling point when we talk about sauerkraut and pickles. Your doctor tells you to take a probiotic, right? He may tell you to take a prebiotic. He may tell you to take enzymes,to boost your enzymes. Well, you know what? Sauerkraut and pickles have all those three, three things in a great tasting food. And so I think a big part of it is, is education.”

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