Icelandic Provisions, a leading skyr brand inspired by nearly 1,000 years of Icelandic tradition, has launched nationwide today the skyr category's first oatmilk plant-based product, Icelandic Provisions Oatmilk Skyr. This innovative product provides consumers with an unbelievably rich and creamy texture, similar to Icelandic Provisions traditional dairy skyr, with 12 grams of protein and simple plant-based ingredients. 

"After hearing from consumers that the current plant-based yogurts on the market don't live up to their nutrition, texture or taste expectations, we spent years at Icelandic Provisions crafting and perfecting an oat-based formula that has achieved the trifecta," said John Heath, Icelandic Provisions chief innovation officer. "We are proud to have developed a truly unbelievable product that has a nutrition profile similar to our dairy skyr with 12 grams of protein in each cup, a thick texture without adding gums or starches, and one that, of course, tastes so good you want to have it again and again."

Carefully crafted with oats – an ingredient at the core of the Vikings' diet – and Icelandic cultures adapted to thrive in a vegan environment, the new Icelandic Provisions Oatmilk Skyr also delivers only 8 grams of sugar and made with real fruits and only simple ingredients.

"Like our traditional dairy-based offerings, our plant-based Oatmilk Skyr is purposefully crafted using high-quality, clean ingredients to serve as a deliciously thick and hearty wholesome breakfast or snack that will nourish our consumers' minds and bodies to keep them going," said Mark Alexander, Icelandic Provisions CEO. "As our biggest launch since the brand's inception, we are excited to introduce Icelandic Provisions Oatmilk Skyr to non-dairy, flexitarian and dairy eaters alike and show just how unbelievable this product is."

Icelandic Provisions Oatmilk Skyr is sold in single-serve and multi-serve packaging, with the 5-ounce, single-serve cups available in Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach and Mango & Passion Fruit, and the 16-ounce, multi-serve containers available in Plain and Vanilla Bean varieties.

Icelandic Provisions Oatmilk Skyr will be available at most Whole Foods Market stores nationwide with plans to expand to additional national retailers later this year.

About Icelandic Provisions
Icelandic Provisions produces the only authentic skyr made using Certified Heirloom Skyr Cultures in North America. Our skyr is purposefully crafted using high-quality, natural ingredients and is rich in protein not sugar. Icelandic Provisions was founded by Polaris Founders Capital in partnership with the oldest and largest dairy co-op in Iceland, MS Iceland Dairies. Under the mentorship of MS Iceland's Skyr Masters, Icelandic Provisions ensures every cup of Skyr is made the Icelandic way: Thick, creamy and delicious.