Unilever, the world's largest ice cream company, is unveiling its new 2022 portfolio offerings across four of its packaged ice cream and frozen novelty brands, including Breyers, Klondike, Magnum ice cream, and Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto. These new creations which will be available in major retailers nationwide and include a reimagined twist on classic American flavors, unexpected pairings for the perfect flavor combinations, and the expansion of fan favorite lines, better-for-you offerings and non-dairy options.

Breyers Reimagines Iconic American Desserts
For over 150 years, leading American ice cream brand, Breyers, has developed fan-favorite frozen treats using high quality ingredients. In 2022, Breyers continues its commitment to creating the best treats with the best ingredients by introducing new offerings, including:

  • Breyers M&M's MINIS Caramel Fudge features a caramel light ice cream rippled with a rich fudge swirl and mixed throughout with M&M's® MINIS Candies made with real milk chocolate and surrounded by a colorful candy shell.
  • Breyers Very Berry Cobbler combines Breyers Strawberry with a black raspberry swirl and a cobbler crumble mixed throughout – the perfect sweet treat for berry lovers.
  • Breyers Banana Split contains a fruity banana frozen dairy base with refreshing strawberry pieces and a chocolate swirl to create the ultimate twist on a banana split sundae. 

Breyers also expands its fan-favorite CarbSmart line with two new flavors, Brownie a la Mode and Mint Fudge Cookie, bringing joy to carb and calorie-conscious frozen treat lovers everywhere!

More Klondike Cones Combinations
Klondike is expanding its existing line of Klondike Cones with five new, delicious flavors including: 

  • Klondike Coocoo for Caramel Cones includes a sweet caramel base paired with a caramel sauce core, a crispy wafer cone, and topped with chocolatey coating and crunchy roasted peanuts.   
  • Klondike Vanilla Caramel Classic Conesincludes a creamy vanilla base paired with a sweet caramel sauce core, a crispy wafer cone and topped with chocolatey coating and crunchy roasted peanuts.
  • Klondike Cookies 'n Cream Cones includes a creamy vanilla base swirled with chocolatey cookie pieces paired with chocolatey sauce core, a crispy chocolatey wafer and topped with chocolatey coating and more chocolate cookie bits.
  • Klondike REESE'S Peanut Butter Cones includes a creamy REESE'S peanut butter base, a crispy wafer cone, and topped with chocolatey coating.
  • Klondike REESE'S Chocolate Cones includes a chocolate base paired with REESE'S signature peanut butter sauce core, a crispy wafer cone, and topped with chocolatey coating 

These new flavors will debut in three different multi-flavor pack offerings: a caramel obsession pack that includes Coocoo for Caramel & Vanilla Caramel Classic, a cookie lover pack with Cookies 'n Cream & Nuts for Vanilla, and a REESE'S peanut butter and chocolate fan pack with REESE's Peanut Butter & REESE'S Chocolate. 

Magnum Ice Cream Debuts Duets
Magnum ice cream, the chocolatiers of ice cream, introduces Magnum Duets, the first ice cream bar to be dipped in two types of chocolates debuting in three flavors: 

  • Magnum ice cream Almond Duet Bars feature a velvety almond ice cream swirled with brown sugar almond butter, fully dipped in milk chocolate with almonds and half dipped in dark chocolate. Made with 39% cacao and 68% cacao chocolates.  
  • Magnum ice cream Chocolate Duet Bars offer rich vanilla ice cream with a luscious raspberry swirl fully dipped in a white chocolate shell and half dipped in a milk chocolate shell. Made with 33% cacao and 44% cacao chocolates.  
  • Magnum ice cream Cookie Duet Barscombine creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate ganache swirl, fully dipped in white chocolate with chocolate cookie pieces and half dipped in milk chocolate. Made with 33% cacao and 39% cacao chocolates.  

Magnum ice cream expands its non-dairy offerings to include new flavors, Hazelnut Crunch and MINI Variety Pack, featuring Non-Dairy Classic and Non-Dairy Almond flavors, providing more options for fans to experience the indulgence of Magnum ice cream. Magnum ice cream's Non-Dairy Hazelnut Crunch Bars and Non-Dairy MINI Variety Pack join existing non-dairy flavors Almond and Sea Salt Caramel. 

Talenti Gelato Introduces Delicious Flavor Combinations
In February 2022, Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto, welcomes its new Talenti Gelato Pairings line with four delicious flavors:

  • Talenti Strawberry Margarita Pairings features a pairing of sweet Strawberry Sorbetto and tart Lime Sorbetto with agave from Mexico to create a refreshing spin on the classic margarita flavor. 
  • Talenti Bourbon Fudge Brownie Pairings is the ultimate pairing for chocolate lovers, combining Belgian Chocolate gelato, gooey baked brownies pieces, dark fudge and a sophisticated Oak-Aged Bourbon gelato.  
  • Talenti Salted Chocolate Churro Pairingsis a perfect balance of sweet and salty delight - a pairing of Belgian Chocolate gelato and Cinnamon gelato with salted caramel and churro pieces.  
  • Talenti Caramel Pretzel Blondie Pairings combines best-selling Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato made with a signature sweet Dulce de Leche and Salted Pretzel gelato with Blondie brownie pieces for a sweet and salty heavenly treat.  

Each indulgent jar features two expertly paired flavors that can stand alone, but together, creates the perfect bite. The four new flavors, inspired by industry tastemakers, such as chefs, mixologists, and dessert influencers, include both cocktail-inspired and sweet and salty recipes. 

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