GLOW Superfood has a new line of superfood ice cream bars offering a healthy and delicious way to enjoy sweet treats! Made with natural, locally-produced and responsibly-sourced ingredients, GLOW bars are non-GMO, dairy and gluten-free as well as hand-made without any preservatives, gums or additives. Simply put, they are equally as good for your overall health as they are for your taste buds.  
“As a lifelong ice cream lover on a personal health journey, I was inspired to start my own business and create a functional dessert that was not only delicious, but good for your body and your brain” said GLOW Superfood Founder Mary Tobias. “My passion project turned into a business venture with a fundamental goal to change the way people think about dessert, health and indulgence while also incorporating superfoods into everyday lifestyles and exploring the beauty of plant-based eating.”
 GLOW Superfood is the first frozen novelty company to put functional ingredients and adaptogens into a dessert. GLOW utilizes natural ingredients including ten different species of organic mushrooms, a variety of botanical adaptogens, MCT/coconut oil and many other underutilized fruits of the earth. All ingredients work together to aid in overall wellbeing such as helping to lower cholesterol, regulating and balancing stress responses in the body and improving both cognition and gut health.
 “I never used to actively prioritize taking care of my body or mindfully think about what I put into it, which ended up affecting my physical and mental health” Tobias said. “After receiving a culinary arts degree and becoming a holistic health coach, I recognized the direct correlation between mental health, physical health and food. I was inspired to build a company that not only educates consumers about what they are fueling their bodies with, but also empowers them to take ownership of their health and wellness, nourish their bodies and ultimately feel really good about themselves.”
 GLOW ice cream bars come in five flavors: Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cup, Hazelnut Chip, Pistachio Wheatgrass and Vanilla Chai Latte. GLOW is available at various Chicagoland locations, including Lincoln Cafe & Market, Dom’s Kitchen & Market, Go Grocer, Green Grocer, Foodsmart Armitage, Standard Market Westmont and online.
About GLOW Superfood
Founded in August of 2021, by chef and holistic health coach Mary Tobias, GLOW Superfood offers a line of plant-based superfood frozen desserts that nourish the brain, body and soul. Each ice cream bar is made of the most natural, locally-produced and responsibly-sourced ingredients, is non-GMO, dairy and gluten-free as well as hand-made without any preservatives, gums or additives. GLOW aims to provide customers with a dessert option that is not only healthy and enjoyable but also helps to shift the way people think about indulgence and allow them to make conscious eating decisions and feel good while living vibrantly.