Yoplait is releasing two refreshing yogurt snacks for the whole family to enjoy, no hacks or recipes required: Yoplait Original with Chocolate Shavings and Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal tubes.  

Yoplait Original with Chocolate Shavings – the first of its kind for the brand – is the perfect way to start your morning! General Mills is the only manufacturer to have chocolate shavings mixed throughout yogurt, making the creamy deliciousness that much better. Inspired by treats like chocolate-covered strawberries and cordial cherries, the new yogurt perfectly pairs real chocolate shavings with the fan-favorite Yoplait flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry.  

Yoplait Original Strawberry w/ Chocolate Shavings, Yoplait Original Raspberry w/ Chocolate Shavings and Yoplait Original Cherry w/ Chocolate Shavings will be available for 89 cents each at retailers nationwide beginning this summer. 

For a healthy, refreshing treat with an ode to childhood memories, Go-Gurt is releasing Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal tubes — its newest innovation that’s designed to be eaten frozen. Simply freeze your Go-Gurt and the tubes will reveal fun images and messages. Lean into the nostalgia and find all 10 of the flavors, including cotton candy, orange cream pop, and red, white & blue pop. 

Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal tubes are available at an SRP of $3.99 for an 8-count package at retailers nationwide.