On our latest From the Cold Corner Podcast, I catch up with Ryan Riddle, senior R&D specialist for plant-based meal solutions at Nestlé and its Sweet Earth brand. We talk about why refrigerated and frozen plant-based foods are so popular today, which consumer markets are key targets for plant-based foods, how Nestlé incorporates its plant-based products into the brand’s freezer-aisle favorites like DiGiorno Pizza and Stouffer’s, plus much more.

“If you go back to our mid-year global report, our plant-based and vegetarian sectors grew by nearly 40%, and we’re seeing products like our Sweet Earth Awesome Burger, our burritos, and our Mindful Chick’n really drive the growth of that category," Riddle explains on the podcast. "Ultimately our goal is to make it easier for folks to eat the way that they want to eat, and folks more and more want to eat plant-based.” 

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