February marks the arrival of Must Love, the newly rebranded non-dairy ice cream made with simple, recognizable, better-for-you ingredients that delivers a distinctive and delectable experience. Formerly on the market as Hakuna Banana and Totes Oats, these two product lines have united to become Must Love. A full range of products, encompassing pints and bars, is now available at all Sprouts locations. Additional retailers across the U.S. will continue to be added into the spring.


The signature of all Must Love products is simple, recognizable ingredients combined to make indulgent, delicious flavors.  Must Love offers two different bases: bananas and oat milk. The banana base is made with only bananas, coconut milk and dates while the oat milk base with only oat milk, coconut milk and dates. To differentiate on the packaging, each base is identified as either “Must Love Bananas” or “Must Love Oats.”

Already established in the dairy-free ice cream space since 2017 (as Hakuna Banana), Must Love offers the same beloved ice cream bases with a few new names. Pints of the banana base are available in four flavors: Choco Choco Chip, Cashew Cookie, Peanut Butter Chip and Banilla. Pints of the oat milk base are available in three flavors: Peanut Butter Swirl, Double Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle Dough. Bars of Must Love Bananas are available in three flavors: Banana Dipped Banilla, Banana Dipped Chocolate and Banana Dipped Strawberry.


Must Love’s nice creams—a phrase that’s come to define frozen desserts that don’t include dairy or refined sugar—are the creation of longtime friends and female founders Mollie Cha and Hannah Hong, both of whom led careers in the CPG innovation space prior to founding their company. They created the ice cream they wanted to eat: 100% plant-based, making them naturally dairy free, with minimal refined sugars and super simple ingredients that everyone can pronounce. They kept to this while ensuring every flavor was completely crave worthy. Since launching, they have quickly built the brand to be a supermarket success, picking up prizes and accolades along the way including winning the Stacy’s Rise Project in 2019 and a Tory Burch Fellowship in 2020. Must Love was also named as “Top 5 Fastest-Growing Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands” by Instacart in August 2020. According to data released by Mintel in April 2020, one out of three consumers believe the healthiest ice creams are made from the simplest ingredients. Mollie and Hannah have truly built their brand on this ethos.


A woman owned company, Must Love is the modern-day non-dairy ice cream brand of your dreams. Made with simple, recognizable ingredients, it’s what better-for-you frozen desserts should taste like. The Must Love mission is to create the most delicious dairy-free treats that bring together ice cream lovers who want to make healthier choices. All Must Love products are plant-based, non-GMO and never contain anything artificial. You can find Must Love pints and bars at natural grocers and supermarkets across the U.S.